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By Anita Smallwood • April 21, 2017

How to Define Key Business Processes Globally

Task Guides Make Defining Key Business Processes Globally Easier 

Are you a manager or director of human resources, engineering, production, purchasing, or transportation and you are constantly taken away from your job to explain how to do business procedure "X"?  A feature called Task Recorder in Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365, can make your job more satisfying by being able to EASILY record and share the steps needed to perform a task. By using task recorder in Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX, you are free to answer more pertinent questions; complete the actual functions required of your role instead of directing and training employees on how to perform day-to-day tasks.

This happens often to a purchasing manager I just met.  He is swamped with calls asking if he can add a vendor that costs 6K less than what is quoted in the approved vendor list?   When he replies no, a barrage of emails ensues, regarding Canada’s budget and bonus potential, nevermind why the vendor list exists in the first place.

Support from Axapta 4.0 to Dynamics 365This is when you wish you had an easy button. Dynamics AX offers an easy button that can help define detailed procedures to outside departments and explain what seems like madness in a big corporation not just for purchasing, but for anything from Po’s to maintenance through task guides.

A task guide is an end-user focused experience that allows the user to follow a guided step-by-step set of how-to instructions to complete a business scenario that is contained in a task recording. The user is instructed to complete each step by way of a pop-up prompt.  The prompt will animate across the form and point to the UI element that the user should interact with, and also inform the user about how to interact with the element, by saying “Click here” or “In this field, enter data”.

If you are on AX,  a new Chrome extension must be installed to easily create a task recording. The app allows task recorder to take screenshots within the browser of AX forms as a user records a business process.

If you have purchased Dynamics 365, task Recorder comes pre-installed with Dynamics 365 for Operations meaning common tasks are already included and recorded.  If a particular function is not available, you can create your own task recording right after go-live.

Clients First has been leveraging the power of technology since the pre-cloud days when Dynamics 365 was called Axapta in 1999. Clients First and Dynamics 365 can give your business more insight into the costs of production through the use of ERP either in the cloud or on-premise. Reach out to us at Clients First to get a demonstration of the software.

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