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By Anita Smallwood • February 14, 2017

Dynamics 365 Integrates with EDI

Dynamics 365 for Operations Integrates with EDI through Data Mason's Vantage Point software. 

Clients First is excited to partner with Data Masons, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), who supplies electronic data interchange (EDI) between Dynamics 365 for Operations customers and their vendors with no customizations.   EDI allows the transfer of data from one computer system to another by using standardized message formatting, without the need for human intervention. EDI permits multiple companies -- possibly in different countries -- to exchange documents electronically.  The data can be exchanged through serial links and peer-to-peer networks.  The downside is that most exchanges  rely on the Internet for the exchange. The tight EDI integration between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX improves transaction speed and visibility while decreasing the amount of money you spend on manual processes. But cost savings is far from the only benefit of using EDI.

The major benefits of Dynamics 365 for operations integrating with EDI are speed, accuracy and efficiency:

  • EDI can speed up your business cycles by 61%. Exchange transactions in minutes instead of the days or weeks of wait time from the postal service
  • Improves data quality, delivering at least a 30—40% reduction in transactions with errors—eliminating errors from illegible handwriting, email and keying and re-keying errors
  • Using EDI can reduce the order-to-cash cycle time by more than 20%, improving business partner transactions and relationships
  • Automating paper-based tasks allows your staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks and provides them with the tools to be more productive

As the only EDI solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX by Microsoft, Data Mason's Vantage Point software's deep integration and rich feature set extends the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX 7), AX 2012 R3, AX 2012, AX 2009, AX 3, AX 2.5. Vantage Point connects AX to all potential external partner relationships: 

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Carriers - Rail, Motor Carrier and Ocean
  • Third Party Logistics (Public Warehouse)
  • Banks and Factors
  • Brokers
  • Customs Agencies
  • Government Entities

Watch the Video on EDI Integration That Is Powerful, Simple & Affordable. 

Dynamics 365 for Operations integrates with EDI


Best of all there are no customizations added to Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX to meet advanced EDI integration initiatives. This new approach introduces expanded opportunities for tight EDI integration without customization. Watch this webinar to learn how the evolution of Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX 7) can be a huge benefit for AX users that need tight and robust EDI integration.

Watch the on demand recording, "EDI for Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX 7): A Radical Transformation for Dynamics AX." 

From experience there is one downside to EDI integration, and that is in training your employees how to handle the critical alerts and and documents on hold.  If your company has clear guidlines for processing EDI orders, then this one issue is nominal.

For more information about the EDI integration between Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly advisors at Clients First Business Solutions. 

Email: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, or call at 877.428.7205.

Email: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas , or call at 800.331.8382.


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