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Dynamics AX: Power BI gives you more info on your business than Google

Fri, Oct 02, 2015 @ 01:00 PM / 0 Comments / in Business Intelligence - BI by Anita Smallwood


BI can help your company be more efficient.  Although it’s an increasingly popular technology, Business Intelligence (BI) must be carefully considered before opting for an ERP solution; like is it included with the business solution, or is it an add on (additional expense)?  Does the solution move your organization beyond accessing, centralizing, understanding and reporting key business metrics to predict future performance?  If not then, according to Christian Pedersen, general manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX, one way to do that is to migrate from your legacy systems to Dynamics AX.

Answering the “Dynamics AX Why” Question

Dynamics AX integrated with Power BI delivers a complete, scalable, agile development platform, which can support your organization’s ability to use information as a strategic asset, innovate and implement real-time changes across your entire organization for a more coherent business model and consistent user experience. The ability to build custom applications on the same platform will allow you to consolidate your IT infrastructure and maximize resource utilization without spending time and resources on heavy ERP system customization.

Though large corporations with huge amounts of data are most likely to benefit from Power BI, the functionality included in Dynamics AX is also useful to SMEs and start-ups. Most of these companies are forced to change their business objectives continuously, according to shifting market conditions. However, Dynamics AX enables them to maintain maximum performance and identify the most profitable opportunities by simply focusing on the tasks they need to do instead of what the system allows them to do.

Unfortunately, many organizations that have already adopted a BI solution only grab a few benefits. For the purpose of providing a complete picture of the benefits your organization can get by choosing Dynamics AX, we’ve decided to describe them from the perspective of our professionals, who have been successfully implementing ERP systems since 1993.

  • Accurate fact-based decisions. One of the most tangible benefits of BI technology used in conjunction with Dynamics AX is the ability to get relevant answers when and where you need them. Questions are answered with live, interactive, accurate and detailed yet succinct reports, graphs and charts that synthesize information for quick decision making. For instance, the ability to view detailed revenue reports will allow you to decide within minutes which products and services your company should focus on.
  • Reduced costs. In any organization, employees can get too much or too little data, irrelevant or inaccurate information, and so on. To ensure that everyone gets the information needed, all sorts of reports must be created and sent to employees, who often feel overwhelmed by huge amounts of data that not only wastes their time but also doesn’t give a clear picture of the situation. With Dynamics AX, you can automate data collection, report generation and many other tasks; create data models to have unified views of information; provide exact, real-time reports with pre-determined KPI thresholds; include additional documentation to help users understand specific report items; use intuitive visualizations; and synchronize dashboards and reports with on-premise information. 
  • Enhanced mobility. Whether we like it or not, ‘mobility' has become our new life motto. Dynamics AX takes this concept to a whole new level, giving users access to data from any device, be it Windows, iOS or Android. Being able to access reports at any time, from anywhere will allow you to eliminate information bottlenecks and avoid delays that may negatively affect your business operations. In addition, Power BI provides access to information based on user roles, while letting them run reports, create new views and applications, analyze and validate data without involving IT staff.  

Since the benefits of BI are numerous and solid, a growing number of companies have invested in Dynamics AX over the past few years. The best part of Power BI is the information obtained is contained in house - there will be no ads connected to what reports are viewed. And the search result will give you accurate detailed results in a few minutes as opposed to Google's 28,200,000 some what relative results in 0.44 seconds.

To find out how Dynamics AX and Power BI can help align your operational activity with your organization’s strategic objectives, give us a call at 800-331-8382 or email sales@clientsfirst-tx.com.

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