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The Future of Finance: 8 Trends for the Modern CFO

Sep 24, 2020 2:31:30 PM / 0 Comments / in CFO, Distribution ERP Software by Nancy Phillippi

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What does the future of finance and the role of the CFO look like in 2020 and beyond?  CFOs and other financial leaders get the report below!

There's a new form of complexity in today's business climate. A modern breed of CFO is rising up to meet these challenges but it's impossible to do it without the right tools. CFOs of the future must be armed with technology. You're expected to make strategic decisions from bigger and bigger sets of data which can be a reporting nightmare. Today, advances in technology enable the modern CFO to report on the past, manage the present and create the future in an efficient and smart manner.

"The role of the CFO can be summed up in two simple truths: 1) If something impacts the bottom line, it’s the CFO’s responsibility. 2) Everything impacts the bottom line so everything is the CFO’s responsibility."  

Download this informative report below entitled "Top eight trends every CFO should know about the future of finance." This report is packed with industry insights and statistics to reinforce the trends. It's a must read for every CFO!

The modern CFO faces many evolving challenges including the following:

  • Increased regulatory scrutiny
  • Technology that is in a constant state of transformation
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Identifying which business issues, aside from their finance responsibilities are the most important to lend their expertise 

It is critical for the modern CFO to manage risk, build innovative strategies and incorporate the right technology automation to grow the business. The modern CFO is responsible for the company to continue to operate with financial sustainability across the organization. CFOs must be in a position to evaluate critical data and articulate that data in a way all stakeholders will understand. Data analytics tools complement accounting information to accelerate the CFO’s performance. If you're the CFO of a growing company, what trends should you be aware of in 2020 and beyond to meet the challenges above? 

8 Trends that will shape future CFO success

This 2020 report was created by Microsoft and brought to you by Client's First Business Solutions. It's 108-pages including extensive research from over 200 sources.  

Discover Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain by Microsoft 

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain is a complete ERP solution from CRM to WMS. Dynamics is one example of an advanced solution that can help you gain a competitive advantage as a modern CEO. Another informative whitepaper was recently published by Microsoft - download here:  The Future of Supply Chain

Why work with Clients First Business Solutions

Our team can take your Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain or Dynamics 365 Business Central to new heights with a team  well versed with Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Project Accounting, EDI along with a US based development team to promptly address your needs. Whether your need is to address a single site implementation, multiple locations or multiple countries you’ll find our team friendly, caring and knowledgeable with an exceptional work ethic to do the job right. We understand that details matter, especially to you.

Contact Us: Email: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas or Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota or call us at 800.331.8382. We're located in Dallas, Texas and Minneapolis, Minnesota we service companies in the U.S. and worldwide.

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