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How to Select an ERP Implementation Consultant

ERP implementation consultant

ERP Implementation Consultant Selection

You're ready to replace your outdated legacy ERP system, so now what? Finding the right ERP implementation consultant is crucial for the success of an ERP implementation project. A team-based approach with good communication between your ERP consultant team and internal stakeholders involved in day-to-day operations will be invaluable. A team approach will help reduce risks, avoid delays and provide a new perspective to improve business processes. 

You'll most likely review a few ERP solutions and a few ERP consultants during the selection process. Consider the following tips when evaluating options. 

ERP Solution Evaluation Tips

During your ERP software review, here's a quick checklist of selection items to consider:

  • Does the new ERP have the functionality and flexibility you need to handle your unique requirements? 
  • Is the new solution modern with advanced technologies (e.g., automated workflows, AI, and machine learning) and scalable enough to handle future requirements?
  • What is the timing and ease of implementation?
  • What's the user experience? Is the new ERP system user-friendly with a high adoption rate? 
  • Is it capable of handling any regulatory compliance you need?

ERP Implementation Consultant Selection Tips

In our experience, here are a few of the most important selection criteria for finding the best ERP consulting firm for your new ERP implementation project.  

  • Will the ERP consultant be there for the long run? Are they part of a larger team that can support you if the person is unavailable for any reason?
  • Will they give an unbiased recommendation on the best ERP fit for your business - even if it's not the product they sell and support? 
  • Do they offer ongoing training, support or additional expertise to help your current and future growth strategy?
  • Do they have experience with your industry? 

Download this eBook, "The Insider's Guide to Business Software (ERP) Project Success," to set up for success before making new ERP decisions. 

The Insiders Guide to ERP Project Success

Find an ERP Implementation Consultant that is Your Trusted Advisor

The right ERP consultant is a trusted advisor with similar cultures and values to match your company. While most ERP selection checklists focus on matching the new software with your functional requirements, don't underestimate the importance of finding the right consultant. An ERP consultant helps you find the ERP that's the best fit, accelerates the implementation timeline, minimizes ERP risks, and offers a fresh vision to optimize business processes. 

The Clients First Partnership

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with offices nationwide, Clients First Business Solutions team of ERP consultants has a well-established methodology to lower costs and eliminate the risks surrounding ERP implementations. Our implementation methodology makes possible a seamless transition between legacy systems, applications and databases to the latest ERP technology without exceeding time frames and budgets.

Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated project manager with extensive industry experience. This professional analyzes industry trends and enterprise requirements to ensure the business management software solution fits your organization's needs. We help you with your company goals to boost operational efficiency, attract and retain customers and maximize Return on Investment (ROI) so your company realizes the best possible results.


The Clients First Texas office is known for its vertical expertise in manufacturing, job shops, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) for aviation or heavy equipment organizations. We support leading Cloud ERP solutions such as Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply. Our MRO solution, ProMRO, integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply. We also have customers in other industries, including make-to-order/engineering job shops, project manufacturing, field services, and wholesale distribution. In addition, we have a deep knowledge of legacy ERP solutions like Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) and Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision - now Dynamics 365 Business Central).   

For more information, call us at 800-331-8382 or email. We're based in Dallas, Texas, and service companies locally and worldwide.

Download Our Implementation e-Book

CFBS Implementations eBook

CFBS Implementations eBook


CFBS Implementations eBook


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