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How To Sell an ERP Implementation to Your Boss

modern cloud erp solutions

ERP software makes it easier for businesses to manage their day-to-day activities. However, pushing any upgrade through the corporate chain can be tricky. Read this article to learn how to sell ERP to the boss so you can get your company running smoothly and achieve more success. 

Gather Information About ERP Cloud Solutions

Like any business development change, migrating to cloud ERP solutions requires research. As employees investigate the process, they should focus on a few factors. This includes comparing different software providers, the key features, and pricing to get the functionality that matters most while staying within budget. Company managers should also delve into each service provider's customer service history, as outside support is essential to every company's business model.

Find In-House Champions

Employers are more likely to consider a proposal if they know everyone is on board with the ERP upgrade. Starting with the IT team, managers can discuss what ERP implementation will look like. Then, they can reach out to colleagues and gather everyone's thoughts on the process. It will be harder to resist the change if everyone on staff wants access to a more modern business management solution.  In fact we have a Champions Adoption Best Practices guide to help you through this process. 

Your goal with a new ERP should be to reduce or eliminate business pains that stifle growth such as inventory inaccuracies, poor costing analysis, and more.  You know what your company needs to improve on, and if not just ask your team.  Most teams can give an earful.  Streamlining business processes and increased productivity using one software application and eliminating the need for many different systems that staff have to learn will lead to a huge ROI. With new ERP, a company's leaders can get a clear view of the firm's actual financial reporting and KPI with easy-to-create reports.  

This process will also help you kick-start the process of finding the right ERP vendor since you will have a very good idea of your team's capabilities and culture as well as your business pains.  This also gives you insight to where you can get the most benefit from a new system in the shortest amount of time. 

Analyze ERP Benefits

Upgrading to a modern cloud ERP solution comes with a seemingly endless list of benefits, from cost savings to a better tech experience. For example, there is no database licensing fee with SaaS ERP, and the company only needs to budget for two internet connections, including a primary line and one for failover.  Create a spreadsheet that includes all your software, hosting, database and maintenance costs that are paid today.  Be sure to include the labor needed to support the systems too. Sometimes reviewing all the costs business leaders realize they are actually paying more than they would for one ERP solution.  

The business's technology administrator will also appreciate having no backups to worry about or the need to update the company's computer equipment because SaaS enterprise resource planning software runs on a browser. The company will also attract top-quality employees who want to work for an organization on the cutting edge.

Present Viable ERP Options

It may not be too difficult to sell management on the benefits of this software. However, getting access to the funds may be more challenging. Before taking this to their boss, mid level managers should start by researching software providers, focusing on key features and pricing to get the ERP software that will suit their company's needs and budget. By presenting a few cost-effective options, they can improve their team's chances of incorporating cloud ERP software into their company.

Having a few ERP alternatives and showing them to the decision-makers demonstrates an employee put thought into the company's future. With a report that details the benefits and disadvantages of each proposed software selection, C-level managers will better understand the action steps, how long the process will take, and what's required to implement the plan.

Management shouldn't take upgrading to a new ERP lightly, as it impacts many of an organization's critical operations. So when making a case for an ERP software upgrade, employees can use these techniques to sell the system to their boss, or they can contact us for more strategies. Call 800.331.8382 or email 

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