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The Latest Trend in Budgeting an ERP Project

Budgeting an ERP Project
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Business Disruption

As the business community emerges from the worldwide pandemic, business leaders are eager to return to get back to pre-Covid activity levels. They are realizing that we will never be returning to “business as usual”. Prior to the pandemic, companies were preparing themselves for the new digital economy. Migrating to cloud-based software has become a requirement to be competitive. Those organizations that were able to transition to cloud-based solutions had a distinct advantage when the lockdowns began. Employees were able to work remotely and still be productive. The companies that had not made the cloud commitment were more challenged to survive.

Business Moving Forward

Flash forward to today. For the most part, the US is fully open for business. Many business-leaders are facing the same desire to improve their tech infrastructure but are facing a new reality-operating with reduced revenues. The good news is that does not mean they have to abandon these projects altogether. Over the past few months we have seen a growing trend in financing ERP implementations. Many of the executives we deal with had no idea that financing was an option for an ERP implementation. Financing is a great option for these projects and it is becoming the “norm”.

Business Thriving with Cloud ERP

Financing With ZERO Percent Interest

Clients First Business Solutions has partnered with Ryan Capital to offer 0% financing up to $250K on ERP projects and software, including SaaS. Year one of any ERP implementation is the most expensive, because it includes consultant services required for the project. Our clients are taking the full cost of the implementation, adding the software subscription costs, and financing for 3 years. Most executives expect revenues to return, but are strapped for cash flow.  Financing is a very attractive option at no extra cost. In addition they can take advantage of the “after tax benefit” under section 179. By using Ryan Capital to finance the project, the company avoids using a traditional bank line, allowing them to diversify their borrowing.

Please contact CFBS if you think you would be a good candidate for this type of program. The increased productivity, real-time data and increasing your business intelligence will far out weigh the monthly payment.  This is not tax advise and any tax or finance advice should be discussed with your CPA.  

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