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Two Guides to Help You Take Control of ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation


Surprises may be fun in our personal lives, but when it comes to ERP implementation, surprises are not welcome. Surprises often mean additional costs, increases in the length of the project, or other frustrating challenges. At Clients First Business Solutions, we know the value of a well-planned ERP implementation and understand that with the right plan in place, a surprise-free implementation can happen.

To help you better prepare for a successful ERP Implementation project, our friends at Acumatica have composed two highly informative guides to make sure your implementation goes off without a hitch:

The ERP Dream Team: The Five Most Important People and Processes in ERP Implementation

While choosing the right implementation partner will be critical to your success (we will discuss more on that below), having your internal teams ready for the project can facilitate progress, minimize downtime, and put your company on a path to success. As you approach the beginning of your implementation, there are five key factors that will contribute to the success of the project.

The recent Acumatica guide, Building the Best ERP Project Team, was written to show you some of the most important people and processes in an implementation project, including:

  • The Executive Sponsor
  • The Leader
  • The Team Members
  • The Project Plan
  • The Communications Initiatives

Download the free ERP Project Team Guide from Acumatica below:

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Four Things to Look For in an Implementation Partner

So, you’ve found the perfect software that is built for the long-term success of your business. Now comes the hard part. One of the biggest reasons that ERP implementations fail is not because the software was wrong, but because the implementation partner didn’t fit with its customer. While the right partner can’t save you from the wrong product, the wrong partner can derail the right software.

The Guide to Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner introduces you to the following qualities you should look for:

  • Honesty: The partner’s estimates should be realistic. They should also prove to you that they really understand the issues at stake in your industry.
  • Quality Consultants: Think of the importance of the consultants as you would think about your own employee, and be sure that the consultants you meet are the ones who will be assigned to your project.
  • References: The names of the companies on this list should resemble yours in size and complexity. Also, ask for references for the consultants themselves, not just for the companies.
  • Focus: Look for a potential implementation partner whose business is just right. Too small, and it may not have enough experience either in general or in your specific industry. Too big, and it may not prioritize your implementation in comparison with larger businesses.

Download Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner below:

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The Last Mile of ERP Implementation

The ERP Implementation Process is a challenge, but with the right planning, you can address any challenges or surprises that may arise throughout the process. At Clients First Business Solutions, we’ve been in the business of ERP Implementation for decades and have helped companies just like yours to get the job done. We hope you found each of these guides informative, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask—Contact us for a free consultation.  Call 800-331-8382, or email
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