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Why Out-of-the-Box Work Order Software Won't Cut It

work order software

work order software wont cut

Like any out-of-the-box solution, work order software products are designed to work right after installation, without any configuration.  Users are immediately missing out on customizable software options, meaning that companies won't have a chance to incorporate their own rules and algorithms for streamlining data, information, and workflows.  An out-of-the-box solution, compared to its contender, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) may be a cost-effective immediate solution.  However, if you're a fast-growing company looking for a long-term software investment that synchronizes your organization's unique business processes with crucial data, there is only one answer: ERP. 

Reasons to Choose a Customizable Work Order Solution | ERP

The role of an efficient work order system, such as ERP software, is to help you cut costs associated with particular maintenance and repair jobs.  In order to efficiently cut costs, Controllers, CFOs and key decision-makers need real-time data to trace and isolate impractical resources. For this reason, companies need to evaluate customizable software, like ERP that comes equipped with the features and tools that allow you to do the following:

  • track the time and management of repair and maintenance jobs
  • control costs associated with inventory, equipment , and labor 
  • generate ad-hoc and preventive work orders
  • incorporate financial forecasting modules, such as fixed asset management and general ledger

Perhaps you're asking yourself how these features of an ERP system differ from an out-of-the-box work order software solution.  Answer: data integration. It's more about the flow of information between individuals and departments, how everything from accounting to purchasing and procurement is tied together in one system that will ultimately improve the value your company can deliver; which are timely, cost-efficient work orders.  

Knowing this, paired with the fact that your competitors are capitalizing on the benefits of a quick and streamlined flow of information to stay ahead, can help you understand why it’s important to focus on work order system customization in ERP.  

ERP Customization Fundamentals

A good enterprise work order planning solution is built in a series of modules tailored to match particular departmental business processes.  For example, Accounting and Human Resources would each have their own module.  To ensure a controlled flow of information, a customized solution will allow your company to pick and choose what data is shared between modules so that Accounting can accurately invoice a client based on a work order contract. 

The easy part is knowing which information you need to flow between departments. The difficulty comes in communicating this with the basic functionality of an ERP system, like Microsoft Dynamics AX in what's called an ERP Implementation Project Plan.  This is where serious companies will need to consider going with a vendor that has a deep knowledge of system processes to achieve the desired customization. 

Advantages of Choosing a Fully Customizable Work Order System

To sum it up, unlike non-customizable systems, a fully customizable enterprise accounting software solution ensures:

  • Process Preservation: If you choose a customizable work order software product, you don’t need to chance your business flows. This means that the system will be implemented to meet your needs and requirements, not the other way around.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Customization boosts software value because it allows your employees to choose functions that can help them complete specific tasks easier and faster than before. This not only improves productivity, but also convinces your staff to use the new technology as soon as you implement it.
  • Competitive Advantage: Implementing a customizable work order software solution into your business can be costly. However, complementing your organization with such a product is something that you must do to gain competitive advantage over your business rivals.
  • Cost Reduction: By simply choosing a customizable solution, you can cut down the future costs of maintaining a non-customizable work order system.   
  • Process Simplification: A customizable system allows you to remove unwanted features. This not only makes the system easier to use, but also reduces confusion among workers and incidence of human error.   

Although an out-of-the-box work order solution is easier to install and run than a customizable software product, opting for a non-customizable system is not ideal for achieving an ROI as a fast-growing company. Considering that perfect integration between your business structure and an out-of-the-box system is almost impossible to achieve, you’ll most likely encounter numerous issues, which will compromise your image. Therefore, selecting an advanced work order software product that offers plenty of customization alternatives is imperative if you wish to become successful.

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