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Manufacturing Cloud ERP Software: Top 5 Benefits

Manufacturing in the Cloud

Transforming your manufacturing company in the cloud

Over the years, manufacturers have experienced many types of disruption. As your business changes, have you upgraded the technology to run operations? Successful manufacturers upgrade their technology to survive and thrive. Fortunately, technology has been advancing to empower manufacturing companies to streamline operations. Modern manufacturing cloud ERP software enables your company to compete and grow. 

Here’s a summary of benefits to moving your on-premise legacy ERP software to the cloud, summarized from the Microsoft 2-page spec sheet, which you can download below: “Top 5 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud Now.”  This document quotes, “Forrester estimates moving to the cloud is 30-50% less expensive than upgrading servers on-premises and reduces administrative costs by 40%.”  (source Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Microsoft Office 365.)

Top 5 benefits of moving your legacy manufacturing systems from on-premise to the cloud

1. The cloud improves security and compliance over on-premise

  • Security - Old legacy or outdated on-premise software leaves you at risk of security breaches. Your on-premise datacenter and IT team can’t match the cloud security backed behind Microsoft. Microsoft invests $1 billion each year on security resources to protect you from threats.  
  • Compliance – Microsoft’s cloud platform lifts part of your compliance burden with industry standards.
2. The cloud reduces costs - According to the Forrester TEI report, companies that move to the cloud experience the following:
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 10.25%.
  • Experienced an estimated 40% savings by eliminating supporting software updates, storage allocation, server backups and restores.
  • Reduced deployment costs by an estimated 30-50%.
  • Saw additional savings on hardware, storage and disaster recovery costs.

3. The cloud promotes teamwork and innovation

  • Collaboration is much easier in the cloud since your teams can access real-time data, edit and share documents and increased collaboration sparks innovation.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, including machine learning, help transform your business by combining human ingenuity with intelligent technology to stimulate innovation. 
4. The cloud helps simplify IT management
  • Eliminate the cost and time-intensive administrative tasks managing your hardware by moving from on-premise to the cloud.
  • Leverage Microsoft’s FastTrack program to simplify migration with best practices, tools, resources and experts. In addition to mailbox migration, it also helps with network bandwidth, performance, customizations, add-ins and integrations with other applications.
5. The cloud promotes agility and keeps you current
  • Provide your users with the latest capabilities for productivity and mobility.
  • An all-in-one cloud solution with a comprehensive set of tools helps avoid switching from one solution to another.
  • Empower employees to use data to drive insight and make smart decisions.

Over the past several years, Microsoft has been investing heavily in migrating older on-premise solutions like Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX to the cloud. Specifically, they are making a heavy investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain (formerly Dynamics AX). Dynamics 365 is a modern cloud solution that takes advantage of over 30 years of functionality from the older systems and continues to develop and optimize.

For more information, download this Microsoft 2-page spec sheet below “TOP 5 BENEFITS of Moving to the Cloud Now.” 

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