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WHITEPAPER: Principles of Inventory Valuation and Job

Mar 16, 2022 12:15:30 PM / 0 Comments / in Job Costing, Inventory Costing by Nancy Phillippi

This new whitepaper and  blog article are also listed under our Acumatica Cloud ERP blog, however it also applies to this section of our website too.  Please download a copy to learn more about inventory and job costing for manufacturers and distributors. 

Whitepaper: Principles of Inventory Costing

Topics Included Cover the Inventory Costing Gamut

  • Inventory Valuation and Production Cost Considerations For Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers, includes Cost elements
  • Fundamentals of Inventory Valuation and Manufacturing Costing
  • Detailed Valuation Descriptions
  • Inventory Valuation Examples
  • Valuation Comparisons
  • How to Select the Right Options for Your Industry

 Clients First is a Gold Cloud ERP Partner for both Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics.  Contact us for more information on how to cost your inventory!


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