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9 Reasons to Buy Dynamics NAV Other Than The Price Tag!

Dynamics NAV

Business people celebrating Dynamics NAV is on sale

Updated March 29, 2018:  The latest Dynamics NAV is being released on April 2, 2018, and for the SaaS version, the name is Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Read more here: What's New with Dynamics NAV: 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, may be the answer to your SMB if your company is still using entry level accounting software, and not getting the results you need to run your business optimally.  NAV is an innovative flexible solution that is fast to configure and deploy, simple to use and gives you the insight you need to grow your business.

1. Simplified ERP for your SMB: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration and communication tools embedded into Microsoft Dynamics NAV will unify your core business processes and empower your people to make decisions that improve margins, cash flow and grow your business with one centralized system.

2. Work Faster and Smarter

With one system there are no: data silos, or duplicate data entry, just relevant timely accurate information.  The Role-Tailored experience that Dynamics NAV delivers puts the resources your people need for their specific job function right where they need and it works seamlessly with the Microsoft products with that your people already know how to use, so there is hardly any time wasted on training.

3. Up and Running in Days, Not Weeks

Unlike other ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fast and easy to deploy solution, and because the interface is already familiar to your staff they will hit the ground running once it is deployed.

4. Transform the Way You Work and Connect

With Dynamics NAV both office and remote employees can perform business processes through the cloud and connect through the tools and channels they’re used to—such as instant messaging, email, voice, even with smartphones and off course on premise.

5. Drives and Supports Your Business Growth

Easily accommodate new processes and additional lines of business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and scale up to meet higher demands without sacrificing performance as the business grows without increased strain to the IT budget.

6. Look Forward Not Backward

To stay competitive you need look forward, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV puts you in the driver’s seat with adaptive and predictive capabilities built in to the embedded business intelligence called Jet Express that help you stop problems before they happen, so you waste less time looking backward.

7. Flexible Deployment Model

Dynamics NAV is not only available for on-premise, it is now available in the cloud and it has the elasticity to change deployment methods if your needs change.

8. Reduce Your Risk of Trying A New Solution

Microsoft is one of the most trusted brands in the world and when you purchase a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution you can be assured that you get world class support and maintenance. 110,000+ companies already trust and use Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

9. Propel your Business Forward

Stay one step ahead of your competition with flexible and innovative tools your people need to be proactive and productive such as:

This out-of-the-box functionality propels your company forward instead of standing still.

10.  It’s 30% off until Jun 30, 2016

We are pleased to announce that new customers that buy between now and the end of June 2016 can license the Starter Pack includes 3 full user licenses plus 2 Full Users at a 30% discount for USD $7,600 in the United States. Also, if contained in the same order, customers can only receive a 10% discount on Full Users beyond the 2 required.  Additionally, when ordered at the same time, the Extended Pack can be licensed at 24% discount (for USD 7600 in the United States, EUR 5700 in EU/EFTA countries),

From now until June 30, 2016, you may be eligible to license your first Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 users at up to 30% off the license price!

This special pricing is only available through Microsoft Partners, such as Clients First.  It is only available to new customers and cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

This promotional price applies to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 license with five full users, including three in the starter pack.  Please note that the Enhancement Plan is based on non-discounted prices.

The Starter Pack plus 2 Full Users is $7,600 in the United States and does not include the enhancement plan pricing or costs of services including implementation and customization.

What's in the Starter Pack?

The starter pack was designed to help small to medium sized businesses get up and running with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system quickly and affordably.  The starter pack includes the core financials and distribution functionality plus 3 full user licenses.  In order to exercise the 'Give me 5' promotion, businesses must commit to purchasing 5 users.

Contact us to get this discount by June 30; that date will be here before you know it.  To get a demo on Dynamics NAV, contact our Dallas/Fort Worth sales team at 800.331.8382, or email

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