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Which Dynamics AX Business Ready Service Plan is Right for Me?

Dynamics AX Business Ready Service Plan


AXBusinessReadyPlan resized 600Today, Microsoft makes available two Dynamics AX Business Ready Service Plan options capable to meet current and future business needs. But, how do you decide which plan is best for your organization? It’s true that choosing the right plan may seem like an arduous endeavor; however, having a clear understanding of what each alternative includes and how they compare with each other can help you make the right decision.

Assessing Dynamics AX Business Ready Plans

Both service plans for Microsoft Dynamics AX are designed to enhance the value of this software solution. However, they’re not identical, even though they seem so at first glance. Here is a brief description of these two plans.  

Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) - The BREP makes available an impressive array of updates, upgrades, tools and resources for planning, deploying, transitioning, optimizing, protecting and expanding Dynamics AX in order to boost business performance. With the help of this plan, you’ll get access to an extensive e-learning catalog offering a variety of courses that teach you how to keep your Dynamics ERP solution running at its peak performance in order to maximize business value, protect your investment and increase productivity.

Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan (BRAPP) - The BRAPP proposes a solid foundation for achieving your business goals. This plan grants access to a 24-hour support center and training programs along with a variety of online tools that you can use to quickly address and solve multiple tech issues (e.g. unplanned system downtime and data center outages), which are known to drag businesses down. A very important aspect is that the BRAPP provides superior functionality compared to the BREP, offering you more choice to meet your customers’ unique needs and exceed their expectations.  

A Comprehensive Comparison of Business Ready Plan Options

Below is a point-by-point analysis for a more accurate assessment of the similarities and differences between these two plans.

  • Upgrades and Updates: While the BREP allows organizations to access future technology advances that focus on enhancing the functionality of Dynamics AX 2012, the BRAPP takes businesses a step further by proposing more comprehensive version releases, service packs and quick fixes.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Both Dynamics Service Plans grant access to the latest government regulations, including but not necessarily limited to tax changes, product safety, liability, and even occupational safety and health, allowing organizations remain legally compliant regardless of how often regulations change.
  • Access to Information, Tools and Support: Both plans include a 24-hour online support portal, which makes available answers to frequently asked questions, time-saving tips, troubleshooting tutorials, technical white papers, and community and support forums where you can discuss solutions and exchange ideas with fellow forum members. In addition, the BRAPP includes forums supervised by trained staff, while providing unlimited access to qualified Microsoft engineers and technicians who can help you unleash new functionality in order to improve specific business processes and solve different technical issues, including Severity A cases.       
  • Training: Both Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Plan options offer interactive e-learning courses, online training manuals and learning plans that can help users develop new sets of skills, learn how to manage various Dynamics solutions and even become Microsoft certified professionals.   
  • Transition Credit: Developed with flexibility in mind, both plans permit users to switch between license models, product lines and product editions, while protecting original investment. This is incredibly useful when your business changes, grows or shrinks.  
  • Protected Price: In an economic climate where prices change from one day to another, both Business Ready Service Plans for AX can be considered true pillars of stability. Protecting users from price fluctuations, the BREP and BRAPP allow you to accurately allocate the necessary funds for future renewals.  

You can also get a three-year Business Ready Enhancement Plan, which includes all the features of the yearly BREP. If new users or modules must be added during this time, you are required to pay only for the remaining time of the three-year contract for extra users or modules. Subsequent payments will automatically include additional users or modules. As you’re able to see, these three maintenance plans provide all the support your organization may need in order to streamline business processes and maximize investment returns in a rapidly changing economic environment.  

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