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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with a Dynamics 365 Consultant

Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Consultants

How to Get Started with a Dynamics 365 Consultant 

The journey to real digital transformation doesn’t end when your software has been implemented. A large part of the transformation centers around how your people and processes will work with the new solution. Many companies choose to DIY the post-implementation adoption of their new ERP. Find out how you can accelerate your digital transformation with expert guidance from a Dynamics 365 consultant.

Plan For Adoption and Change

Microsoft’s partners have a range of services that can support the people and processes side of your digital transformation. Microsoft provides partners with adoption and change frameworks, tools, and best practices through the Partner Customer Program.

A Dynamics consultant such as our team at Clients First can walk you through the process of creating an easy-to-follow framework to guide you through the adoption process. Each phase is broken into simple steps that guide you to the best practices, resources, and tools you need to build and deploy a customized adoption approach.

For example, the Adoption Planning Workbook provides templates to start building your plan. In this phase, you’ll identify and prioritize scenarios while learning about available resources as you plan for roll-out. This stage is critical to your journey as you’re setting business goals to measure success.

Next, the Team Member Guidance helps you assemble the right team of power users and stakeholders. In this phase, we’ll collaborate with your key stakeholders to build and launch your adoption plan. This will help prepare your environment and test your adoption approach with Early Adopters so you can use feedback to make adjustments before scaling to the entire business.

Finally, the Champion Guide details the steps of establishing and maintaining a champions program. Your full-scale deployment and business success depend on usage and satisfaction. This requires planning through the Envision and Onboard phases plus ongoing operational excellence. Your Champions will learn to

  • Monitor end-user adoption
  • Measure and report usage
  • Encourage ongoing engagement
  • Drive continuous improvement and innovation

Dynamics 365 Consultants Are Trained in Change

Seek a partner that offers project management in the style you desire.  In most cases, Clients First tries to keep our projects lean and as an agile hybrid.  Our main focus is to implement the solution to rectify your biggest business issue first so that our customers see value very early on in a project roll-out.  However, we can offer any level of services our clients desire.  It's best to set your expectations on project management early on in the partner relationship to achieve your goals.  

At Clients First, we start every project with assessment workshops to help our clients determine:

  • Clear business goals
  • Scenario and stakeholder alignment
  • Organizational readiness
  • Comprehensive project scope

Onboarding and Ongoing Training

Another area where you will find value in partnering with a Microsoft ERP consultant is in the rich training provided during your implementation phase. At Clients First Business Solutions, we work closely with all our clients, offering them the opportunity to discover the real benefits of the software and eliminate employees’ resistance to change. Our dedicated and experienced trainers focus not only on explaining ERP best practices, functionality, and coding, but also on helping employees develop the right mindset to fully utilize and leverage the new system. At Clients First, you can choose from:

Traditional training – These courses offer a detailed overview of all modules and third-party software. Furthermore, our trainers will use their in-depth product knowledge and business experience to assist your staff in exploring and simulating ERP functionality for individual use in various business scenarios.

Quick–Start training – Correlating company-specific practices with certain modules and features, our quick-start training focuses on the most essential areas of the software, allowing employees to acquire the necessary knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently from day one.

Custom training – A series of customized training programs are specially developed to meet unique business requirements

Reinforcement training – ongoing training for current users and the addition of new employees

Technical Mentoring - Clients that want to learn how to support the software in any capacity will benefit from our Technical Mentoring.  Clients First does not hold any "secret sauce," and freely shares anything that you and your team want to learn.  We think this is a clear differentiator from other Microsoft Partners. 

Getting Started is Easy

Any company that has utilized some of Microsoft's massive suite of productivity solutions and business ERP solutions will find that Dynamics 365 is quick and easy to implement. This ERP is compatible with all Microsoft products, even offering backward compatibility to maximize functionality with any version. Ease some of the strain of implementing a new ERP by opting for the familiar and intuitive Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain or Business Central program.

Nothing replaces a live presentation, so please reach out to us to schedule a demonstration for your business.  Please call us at 800.331.8382 or send us an email at today.

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