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Discover The Benefits Of CU 10 For Dynamics AX 2012r3

Dynamics AX


Microsoft just released cumulative update 10 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.  The cumulative update adds new time saving abilities, as well as more license plate features, and performance improvements on AX 2012 R3.  These additional updates will also be part of the new release of Dynamics AX next year.  The next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX will be based in HTML allowing the role centers to be accessed from any web enabled device.  The new name of the release will simply be, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and will no longer include a year or version number. This simplified branding reflects that this is a cloud-based service that will be regularly updated.   For clients that still want their software on-premise, don't worry that will still be an offering.  

The Cumulative Update 10 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is now available! This release includes several improvements for warehouse and transportation management systems. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU10 is available for download on Lifecycle Services (LCS), by going to PartnerSource or CustomerSource. The build number for the Cumulative Update 10 is 6.3.3000.111 and the knowledge base article is KB3102920.


According to Markus Fogelberg, Microsoft blogger, Dynamics AX 2012 R3: Warehouse Management System, WMS, and The Transportation Management ,TMS, now have the following enhancements via LCS:

WMS Works More Intuitively

 License Plate Functionality

  • Separate the receiving and put away process when doing license plate receiving on the mobile device.
  • Picking partial license plates for raw material picking is now possible.
  • Added functionality for splitting put away lines to several locations, consolidation of license plates and skipping put lines.

 Mobile Device Functionality

  • During Report as finished and put away it is now possible to change inventory status on the mobile device.
  • Cancel a put away on the mobile device at any place in the process.

Overpick and Overproduce

  • Overproduce with back-flushing when using a scrap factor on the Bill of Materials line.
  • Over pick during sales or transfer order picking on the mobile device.
Performance Changes
  • Improvements to the on-hand stored procedure that is used to calculate on-hand inventory.
  • A new clean up job for deleting closed on-hand entries in InventSum and WHSInventReserve has been introduced.
  • Registering product receipt and querying for a put away location has been improved when using Volumetric and Stocking limits constraints for locations.
  • Closing of containers during pack operations have been improved by avoiding some client/server calls.
  • Containerization as part of wave posting have been improved and optimized when scaling number of sales lines per order.
  • Queries during processing of large waves with many allocation errors has improved.


  • Use the Full button any time during picking to indicate that you can’t pick any more lines.
  • Warehouse management processes allows picking of sales serial items.
  • Wave demand replenishment recognizes existing unallocated min/max replenishment work as supply material.

 Purchase Orders, Production Orders & Sales Orders

  • Unblock sales orders automatically when cancelling wave demand replenishment work will now.
  • Purchase and sales order linked to a project can now be added to loads and used with transportation management processes.
  • It is now possible to use warehouse management processes with purchase, production and sales orders and links to projects.
  • When using the Delivery schedule form on a purchase order line to split the delivery of a purchase order to different days, the load lines will also be updated.
  • Block releases to warehouse and creation of work for sales orders that exceeds customers credit limit.


  • The auto release to warehouse process for transfer orders can now consolidate orders into shipments based on their origin and destination warehouse.
  • Create scheduled routes for transportation planning and use Load building workbench to create optimal loads for the routes.

Other Changes

  •  A new field has been introduced to the On hand by location form called, “Available physical on exact location”.
  • Demand replenishment considers all lines in the replenishment template.
  • Editable directive code on work templates with the work order type Replenishment.
  • Postpone the registration of serial numbers on a serialized component in a manufacturing process up until production consumption.
  • During purchase receiving using the mobile device, the unit of measure will be defaulted to the UOM setup on the GTIN number.
  • Work can now be split depending on Work header maximums specified on the Work template form.

 At Clients First Business Solutions, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner with a team of tenured specialists with core competencies in the implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics AX. To explore all the capabilities of Dynamics AX and find out how this business solution can help your manufacturing or MRO organization achieve its full potential, contact our sales team at 800.331.8382 or email  Our Clients First Texas and Minnesota offices offer Dynamics AX ERP to the medium to large manufacturer and MRO across the United States and in 11 countries and counting.   

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