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New Dynamics 365 WMS Mobile App

Feb 22, 2021 4:58:46 PM / 0 Comments / in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, Dynamics 365 Operations, Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management by Nancy Phillippi

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Out with the old and in with the new WMS mobile application!

Finally there is a new warehouse management mobile application for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain.  The old application worked, but needed a facelift so  Microsoft created a new warehouse app to replace the old device app.  We like new instead of re-worked or updated! This approach leaves behind the old technology and also allows end users to migrate to the new WMS app when its convenient for them.  

So what's different in this warehouse device application? 

The app is now responsive which means it is designed to adjust to any screen size and it doesn't matter if you are using a Windows app or an android.   You can also drag corners to change the window size.  

  • Icons make it easier for end users to use the system.
  • Text sizes can be changed too so people like me can have large text! 
  • Settings are setup by user, so no need to change the settings per device since your settings follow you from device to device.   There are better color settings to match the best view per end user.   
  • Easy to use actions like sliding the blue dot over to see what you can do with this item, however there has been some concern that this feature may not be good for 'fat fingers' so stay tuned. 
  • License plates can be scanned now!

I am sure there are more additions or changes to the app in the coming weeks since experts like you will start using it and provide Microsoft Dynamics with feedback.  

You can read more about the installation and get the links to the application downloads here:


If you need help with your Dynamics AX or 365 WMS system, please reach out to Clients First!  We have the expertise you need with a personalized approach.   If you don't have Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain yet, then reach out to us to review your business requirements and determine if the software and our expertise are a fit for your manufacturing, job shop, MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) business.  Contact us at 800.331.8382 or email info@cfbs-us.com.  Our Texas or Minnesota offices are two of our 7 offices that focus on Dynamics 365.  

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