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Ultimate Guide to Dynamics 365 Commerce

Jan 14, 2022 11:43:00 AM / 0 Comments / by Clients First Business Solutions

Dynamics 365 is a powerful cloud ERP software solution from Microsoft that offers a full suite of tools that bring strong customer management, distribution, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and service modules for businesses. With this piece of software, businesses can streamline processes, reduce supply chain costs, enhance customer engagement and produce accurate real-time reporting. This all translates to greater customer loyalty and a better experience for everyone from employees to shoppers. One of the recent suite releases of  Microsoft Dynamics 365 was formerly Dynamics RMS and has been updated for today’s retailer and shopping experience.  Here's what potential users should know about Dynamics 365 Commerce.

The Omnichannel Experience

Dynamics 365 Commerce is built to work across a variety of platforms so businesses can unify the shopping experience for customers at every touchpoint. This empowers the shopper to make purchases wherever they're most comfortable, whether that's in the store, at work on a PC, or on a smartphone from the couch. Working within Dynamics 365 Commerce, companies can enjoy a comprehensive view of inventory and promotions across both digital and physical channels.

Dynamics 365 allows for both home delivery and in-store pickup as well, so shoppers don't always have to wait for their purchase to reach the door. This functionality is perfectly positioned to maintain efficiency in an ever-changing global social and economic landscape.

Back End Retail Support

Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain solutions provide back-office support that helps retail businesses develop and maintain a resilient and profitable supply chain. Develop operational agility with enhanced real-time visibility that keeps operations running smoothly at all times. Maximized visibility into financials allows companies to assess profitability at a glance and make important decisions quickly and accurately.

Engaging Digital Storefronts

Dynamics 365 Commerce comes with built-in web authoring and development tools so businesses can easily create a custom storefront that enhances their branding and creates an effective connection with potential customers. Drag-and-drop authoring and an intuitive page builder make it easy for users to manage their storefronts with minimal knowledge of web development and design.

Insightful Customer Information

Data is at the heart of any effective marketing campaign. Dynamics 365 creates a customer profile for each shopper with powerful details like their shopping history, preferences, and engagement level. With this information in hand, businesses can respond appropriately to each shopper, making targeted cross-sell and upsell recommendations that fit each individual shopper's wants and needs. Convert your marketing efforts to sales more efficiently with smart targeting and customized loyalty programs that are thoughtfully personalized for each individual.

Crucial Security

Data is one of the most valuable assets that a company can maintain, but security is an ongoing issue for any business managing information collection, storage, and use. Microsoft is known for providing the security tools and features that are needed for online safety. Compliance coverage and security management are built right into Dynamics 365 Commerce. This program also works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection for enhanced digital safety.

Users can deploy Dynamics 365 Commerce in the cloud, on-site, or at the edge. This powerful and versatile program offers a wealth of benefits for companies of all sizes. Working with a partner like Clients First Business Solutions for your Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain streamlines the implementation of this and other Microsoft tools. Clients First Business Solutions is a Dynamics 365 partner, perfectly equipped to meet your business's needs.


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