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Why Choose Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Over SAP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a versatile and powerful ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that allows for fully integrated business management. It has stiff competition among other ERP products like SAP, but any company that's considering an ERP solution should keep Dynamics 365 at the top of their list. Read on to learn more about how Dynamics 365 stands up to SAP and why this is the preferred solution for many businesses.

Better Customization

Customization is key when it comes to making the most out of ERP programs. There is no one-size-fits-all option in today's diverse business landscape. To remain competitive, businesses need highly customized tools that are built with their company's unique needs in mind.

In the customization arena, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the clear winner. One of the biggest benefits of Dynamics 365 is that it gives you access to the Microsoft Dataverse. The Microsoft Dataverse allows you to tailor the way you organize your data to fit your company’s exact needs. This versatility allows you to build apps by using Power Apps and Dataverse directly against your company’s data, which is already used within Dynamics 365, without the need for integration. However, if the need for integration of data from other sources arises, Dataverse has a solution. Dataverse gives users the ability to integrate data from multiple sources into a single store to be used in tandem with existing Dynamics 365 data. 

Payroll Integration

Users can manage their payroll seamlessly through Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations. This add-on, the Microsoft Dynamics Payroll app, streamlines both HR and payroll information, keeping it in one easily accessible space. Built-in tax tables and localized support for services in more than 40 countries enables companies to work effectively both locally and globally.

SAP Business One is noticeably lacking in payroll functionality. Companies using SAP must rely on third-party app integration for this feature, which may not work as intended, delivering an experience that's far less streamlined.

Flexible Pricing

Dynamics 365 is the more affordable option when compared to SAP. The total cost of ownership for Dynamics 365 is lower than nearly all competing ERPs. The payback period for Dynamics 365 is 18 months shorter than SAP. Even better, the ROI for Dynamics 365 over the first three years is nearly $17 per dollar spent on the program. In comparison, the ROI for other ERP solutions averages just $7.23.

Dynamics has a variety of payment plans to choose from including Self-Service User, Task User, Device License, and Enterprise User plans. Both SAP and Dynamics 365 require at least 20 users for implementation. 

Easy Implementation

Any company that has utilized some of Microsoft's massive suite of productivity solutions and business ERP solutions will find that Dynamics 365 is quick and easy to implement. This ERP is compatible with all Microsoft products, even offering backward compatibility to maximize functionality with any version. Ease some of the strain of implementing a new ERP by opting for the familiar and intuitive Dynamics 365 program. Consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for all of your future business solutions.

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