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What Manufacturers Need from Manufacturing ERP Software

Feb 28, 2018 12:00:00 AM / 0 Comments / in Cloud ERP Solutions, Manufacturing ERP Software, ERP for manufacturers, Supply Chain by Lindsay Brown

So many options available, so many stakeholders affected, and so little room for error—the selection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) presents a unique challenge. From the point when you realize that the status quo isn’t cutting it to the decision, implementation, and deployment, you will hear a lot of advice—some good, some not so good.

What Do Manufacturers Look for in ERP Software?

With ERP being such a serious investment, you need the best advice you can find, and there are few places better to get it than the Aberdeen Group, a leading analyst firm and advisor in the ERP space. In their recent whitepaper on the ERP selection process for manufacturers, they explored what ERP means to the manufacturing community and how to find the best possible solution for your unique needs.

This free report, “What Do Manufacturers Look for in an ERP,” discusses some of the features needed by manufacturers, giving advice on how to accurately document and discuss your needs with potential vendors and implementation partners. The study looked at the way 130 manufacturers operate, polling leaders to find out what criteria they used in selecting their ERP solution.

Key Needs for Modern Manufacturing ERP

When asked about the top needs, wants, and expectations, the respondents answered that these three components were critical:

  • Ease of use easily topped the chart with 50% of the respondents citing it as their first condition for their MRP (Material Requirements Planning) ERP. Easily among the top concerns, people need to be able to learn the software quickly in order to use it effectively.
  • Functionality saw a close second with 46% citing it among their top concerns. An understandable need, manufacturers need business-friendly software as much as they need user-friendly software.
  • Cost of Ownership came in third, as manufacturers need something they can not only use, but afford, as well. In today’s hyper-competitive ERP environment, there are numerous price points and pricing structures available that need to be accounted for in the decision-making process.

See the Entire Guide

The entire guide, What do Manufacturers Look for in ERP Software, takes a much deeper look into the needs and preferences of the firms studied and should be an important starting point in your journey to new ERP software. Written by Aberdeen and provided to you free of charge courtesy of Acumatica, you can download the entire guide here:

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