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Top 5 (or 10!) Benefits of Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

What makes sense for your business - Cloud ERP or On-Premise

Global companies have decisions to make and planning to do for the future of their ERP and data.  Planning for future needs including IT support, changing technology, security, expenditures, and potential changes in the economy are enough to keep  CEOs, CFOs and COOs awake at night.  In addition, acquisitions are very commonplace in our current economy.  Acquisitions can add new lines of businesses or create the need for integrating new company systems and culture into the new parent company.   Everyone knows that this is also very challenging.  With that said, don't you think it's time your organization moves to an enterprise system that is in the Cloud and is a complete ERP solution that can handle any line of business, multiple companies, languages, locations and is easy to use?  I can tell you that implementing Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain will let you sleep at night. 

Microsoft's "TOP 5 BENEFITS of Moving to the Cloud Now" offers 5 benefits to consider.  The document provides much more detail than what is listed below, so please download the document. 

  1. The cloud helps improve security and enable compliance
  2. The cloud helps you reduce costs
  3. The cloud promotes teamwork and innovation
  4. The cloud helps simplify IT management
  5. The cloud promotes agility and keeps you current


Five common reasons  companies decide to implement Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

  1. Dynamics 365 is a full featured enterprise ERP solution.  Add-on products are not usually required.
  2. This is not SAP, but it is an enterprise solution for complex business requirements and global companies (we are currently usurping SAP with Dynamics 365 in a multi-location, multi-country organization - the client was shocked that we could show them purchasing without any development!)  
  3. Trusted publisher that is a leader in productivity, AI, IOT, and HoloLens.  All this technology can work with Dynamics 365.   The odds are low that most companies will use HoloLens, but it's nice to know that you could if you wanted to!  It is very interesting technology - check it out!
  4. Access the latest features ASAP, or wait until you are ready to upgrade.  At least one upgrade a year is required and strongly recommended.  These upgrades are NOT as hard as they used to be.  Ask us for more information on how the upgrades work.  
  5. Use as much out-of-the-box functionality as you can.  Let your partner, like Clients First's talented developers, deal with the rest.  We have fantastic development references.  

When evaluating a new ERP system, the decision to move to the cloud will tip the scale in several ways: affordability, ROI (Return on Investment), ease of use, data protection, mobile access to data, data migration, customization, security, and so much more.  The Dynamics 365 cloud offers the benefit of top-notch protection without expensive IT overhead costs.

We are cloud ERP experts.  We want to help you explore your options in order to select the best fitting ERP to your unique business process requirements. Call 800.331.8382, or email

Industry expertise and experience

Clients First consultants have direct experience in the industries we support. The Clients First Texas and Minnesota offices are known for vertical expertise in manufacturing, job shops, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) for aviation or heavy equipment organizations. We have customers in other industries, too, including make-to-order/engineering job shops, project manufacturing, field services, and wholesale distribution.

We’re a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner, a Certified Cloud Service Provider (CSP), and an Acumatica Gold Partner.

Please contact us for a free evaluation of your current supply chain operations. We’ll work with you on a plan to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain to improve your bottom line. Learn more about "How Cloud ERP Doubles ROI" in this Nucleus Research whitepaper. It's an in-depth comparative study revealing the financial benefits of adopting cloud applications.  

Cloud ERP

Contact Us: Email: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, or call us at 800.331.8382. We're located in Dallas, Texas and service companies worldwide.

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