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ERP for Mid-sized Businesses

ERP for Mid-sized Businesses

Being in the middle is never easy: the person sitting in the middle gets squished, the middle child often gets ignored, and being the reluctant “monkey in the middle” is soul-crushing.  Being a mid-sized manufacturing company comes with its own set of challenges, like finding a good ERP for mid-sized businesses. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the challenges mid-market companies face when choosing an ERP system and what is the easiest solution.

One does too much, the other doesn’t do enough

Medium sized businesses can be just as complicated as large businesses, especially for manufacturers. This is because they have to do such a wide range of tasks such as: design and assemble products, track sales orders and delivery, keep costs at a minimum, maintain compliance with industry standards, effectively communicate internally and externally, and the list goes on and on. Now consider the fact that some of those very same businesses are international with different currencies, languages, and time zones to deal with; they don’t sound so small anymore. Just because they are a smaller business in comparison to a large corporation doesn’t mean they don’t need sophisticated business software like the ones large enterprises have.

Excellent functionality, but expensive

If a mid-sized company needs the functionality of a big corporation, why not use the software big corporations use? It’s true that large legacy solutions offer an abundance of functionality to their users, but they don’t cater to the needs of medium sized businesses. For example, most legacy CRMs need an existing database to be integrated into, meaning it has to be compatible with their current business software. Yes, mid-sized companies need the same functionality as large enterprises, but that doesn’t mean they have a large enterprise’s resources. They would still need to provide their own IT services or pay a third party company to do it for them, not to mention they will probably be getting some bells and whistles they don’t need but still have to pay for.

This ERP is just right

So a big, fancy corporation software may be out of reach for a mid-sized company’s budget--now what? Do you stick to using basic software and spreadsheets while you slowly lose your competitive edge?  Of course not.  When looking around at your options, a lot of software either seems to have robust functionality with a robust price tag to match or is a cheaper solution with too basic tools.  That is all except for one--Acumatica, which was designed for the mid-market. Acumatica offers their customers a robust amount of features with a price that is set to match your budget.

Acumatica combines the performance power of a legacy software system with a mid-market price. It is also the first of its kind in that it was coded in the cloud, making it the first truly cloud-based ERP solution, but it can still be used on-premise, as well.  With Acumatica you can give access to an unlimited amount of users. This all-in-one solution also provides IT services for the software, which makes it ideal for companies with little to no IT department.

It may sound like a dream come true for mid-sized businesses, and it's no accident.  Acumatica was actually made with the mid-market in mind, because its creators knew the struggle businesses go through trying to find a mid-sized ERP.

Are you ready to join the fight against the mid-size ERP struggle?  Contact Clients First to see if Acumatica is just right for your business at 800-331-8382 or With 7 business locations and clients across the globe, we know how to put our clients and their businesses first.

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