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Top Reasons to Engage in a Fixed Fee ERP Implementation

Fixed Fee ERP Implementation

Fixed Fee ERP Project

Fixed fee ERP implementation projects used to be something that I dared not speak of with prospects and customers.  Why?  I have been selling software for over 20 years, and a few years ago accounting, manufacturing, and general business software still had the clunky user interfaces, old back-end technology on proprietary databases, and of course, the dreaded installation on suspect hardware.  This can eat up consulting dollars before you even get started.  Well, times have changed!  Software like Acumatica, which was recently named a leader in ease of use, makes it easy for our Acumatica consulting team to set up a customer using predefined set-ups that fit about 90% of all companies.  Customers get up and running quickly and pay the services in 3 installments.  Budgeting for an ERP project has never been easier.   Really, the entire project has never been easier, either.

Top Reasons to Implement ERP with a Fixed Fee Engagement

Most software now has the latest in technology, however we are going to focus on Acumatica for the purposes of the Clients First Fixed Fee.

Easy User Interface: This is a bit hard for me to explain, but the main window looks a lot like Outlook, but there are main pages, too where you can access menus.  Most systems are like that now, though.  The big difference to me is the intuitiveness of the windows.  I can navigate the system and process transactions with no formal training.  I have had experience with other software systems, but with Acumatica I am not hunting and pecking or searching in Help.  It's just easier.  Let us show you the user interface so you can see for yourself.

Simple Setups:  Acumatica is not QuickBooks in this sense, rather it is a true Financial ERP software solution, but there are shortcuts to set-ups using template spreadsheets that our consulting team has put together.  If you want to do it yourself, and you have the time, common sense, and previous experience with ERP, you will probably succeed, however it will take you a very long time to do.  With our plan, you get up and running quickly.  You can add more functionality as you have time, or as your business grows. 

Budget the Project EASILY:  Since I have been in sales for a long time, I have heard just about every excuse for NOT buying new software.  Number one on the list is no budget.  I qualify every deal before we spend too much time on the prospect.  I don't mind running budgetary numbers, since it's in everyone's best interest to cut to the chase and decide if we are going to move forward or not in the evaluation process. With our fixed fee ERP implementation, or QTI (Quick Turn Implementation), you get fixed pricing for the project along with three payments, which are due as the project progresses by phase.  If you decide you don't want to proceed to the second or third phase, that's okay too.   We hope you do let us help, but we understand if you want to do it on your own.  We are always here if you need help, because we believe working with Clients First will provide you with the most value in the shortest amount of time.

Full ERP Functionality:  There are different purchase options for Acumatica: SMB Suite with 5 named users, which can be upgraded to 5 more, or to the next edition, which has unlimited user licenses with no per user license fee.  Financials, Distribution, CRM, and Production and Bill of Materials (BOM) are available options in the SMB Suite.  This is not pared down or limited functionality software.  Our QTI is based on the full functionality of the software, in a fixed implementation.  You can expand the functionality as you grow by starting small with Financials and Distribution, even Production and BOM, then add CRM for sales and marketing later.  After that, you can upgrade to the next edition as you grow and add customer portals, MRP, Product Configurator, and a lot more.  Or you can begin with the Advanced Edition and still implement QTI.  Whatever option you choose, our QTI includes Financials, Distribution, and Production and BOM.  You choose your best path.  Keep in mind that your system will grow with your business, and you will never need to change ERP systems again. 

Let's recap why to choose Acumatica and a Fixed Fee ERP Implementation:   

  • Current technology
  • Cloud solution - no more data worries
  • Use on any Internet device
  • Budget the project with planned payments
  • Get the ERP system you need on a fixed fee engagement
    • Financials
    • Distribution
    • Production and BOM
    • CRM
    • and even our new ProMRO
    • Fast value for your investment with a growth plan
    • Take control of the project at anytime - call us if you need us

What services do you get with the QTI Plan, and how do you get started?  Call us at 800-331-8382, or email

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