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Is It Time For A New Discrete Manufacturing ERP?

Discrete Manufacturing ERP
Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Most manufacturers stay with their discrete manufacturing ERP systems for more than a decade before changing. This is understandable, given that business processes take a long time to evolve, and the direct and indirect costs of implementing a new ERP system are prohibitive to frequent changes.

ERP systems are mission-critical to manufacturers looking to address today’s manufacturing challenges, market demands, and regulatory changes. Organizations can improve efficiency and their bottom line with the right system. A discrete manufacturing ERP like Dynamics AX can help organizations track their success. The system can be used as a trusted source of information for analysis of areas that need attention.

If your discrete manufacturing system has become sluggish or does not provide accurate visibility of your operations, it’s time to look for a new system. Here are some reasons that justify switching to a new discrete manufacturing ERP system:

1. Your ERP is no longer being supported

Sometimes you may have to change your ERP system due to external factors. For instance:

  • The software developer may be exiting the business.
  • The developer is planning to end support for your product in the near future.
  • Your provider no longer supports your version of ERP system.

These situations usually happen in the software business and can be problematic should you decide to stay with the unsupported system. For example, you will not find consultants that understand or are willing to support the product. Moreover, you won’t be able to receive enhancements or updates of the software, get patches to address security concerns, or comply with new regulations. Finally, no matter what happens in the marketplace, the old software will never increase in capability.

2. The ERP does not meet your needs

Over time, business processes may change as the company grows. Some processes may no longer be relevant, while others may be merged or split. There is need for information synergy across the organization’s departments to ensure the truth. If your staff still uses shadow systems like Excel to track items that should be recorded in the ERP software, you are likely grappling with data inaccuracies that can affect the processes and performance of your organization.


Dynamics AX and other modern ERP solutions can afford your organization greater efficiencies. The software uses web-enabled technology that makes exchanging information a breeze. Moreover, the cloud and mobile technology of the systems remove the need for redundant shadow systems.

3. It’s difficult to maintain your ERP

If you are still using an ERP system installed a decade ago, chances are great that it has been heavily customized for your business. The heavy customization may make it difficult to maintain it. Modified systems are usually difficult to update and are mostly incompatible with third party apps meant to improve their functionality. To make modifications, you may need to hire someone for the task, which can get expensive quickly.

Most organizations using heavily customized ERPs think they cannot upgrade to the latest solutions that may be more cost effective and improve their business processes. Failing to upgrade usually means missing the benefits of ongoing product improvements.

4. You have hardware that needs replacing

If you want to replace your hardware, perhaps to improve efficiency or reduce operational costs, it makes sense to evaluate your discrete manufacturing ERP as well. Will your current system be compatible with the hardware upgrade? If not, what ERP would work? If the new hardware supports the cloud, Dynamics AX would be a viable option.

5. You need a greater variety of information

To be competitive in today’s world, manufacturers need to make accurate decisions in real-time. Your discrete manufacturing ERP software should provide visibility of different processes in the organization and identify potential areas of optimization that can improve time-to-market and eliminate losses.

If your current ERP does not provide process or supply chain information in real-time, it can be difficult to make decisions that will improve productivity, efficiency, or your bottom line. Without real-time visibility on different aspects of your business, you cannot know what processes are wasting time, which employees are doing redundant tasks, and so on.

If any of the above applies to your organization, it may be time for an ERP upgrade.  Contact Clients First Texas today for more information.  Call us at 800-331-8382, or email us at

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