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Adding a Menu Item For The Warehouse Management Mobile Client To The Tools Menu

Warehouse Management Mobile Client
Warehouse Management

If you have upgraded to Dynamics AX R3, one of the features you may be using frequently is Warehouse Management.  When using Warehouse Management, you may notice that you cannot open the client browser just by clicking the mouse. Rather, you have to type http://localhost:82 on the URL area.

If you would like to open the mobile client with a click of the mouse, you can write a few lines of code to add an “open” item in your Tools menu. Follow these steps to create your own shortcut of the browser client on your Dynamics AX R3 instance.

Warehouse Management

1. First, click Files and select Tools from the sub-menu.

2. The next step is to create a Class which will open the WHM browser with a click of the mouse. The Class should be created within AOT.  Click AOT and expand the Classes folder.

3. Right-click on the Classes folder and from the menu that shows up, select New Class to create a new Class.

4. Double-click the Name field  of the generic Class and change it to something more appropriate, for example WHSBrowser.  The field is available on the Properties pane. When you double-click the field, you will be able to edit the code for the newly created Class.

5. The next step is creating a new method for the Class. To do this, press CTRL+N.

6. Change the newly created method to:

static void main(Args_args)




When finished, exit the editor.

7. Now it’s time to verify whether the code is working. To verify, right- click the Class you created and select Open.  If you followed the above steps correctly, the WHM browser should open.

Creating a Menu Class Item

8. For the WHM browser to respond, the newly created Class has to respond to a Menu Item. To create this Menu Item, go to AOT, select Menu Items  and expand Display.

9. Right-click Display and select New Menu from the context menu. A new Menu will be created.

10. Edit the name of the menu to something more appropriate than what is provided, for example WHSBrowser.

11. Change the value of Client Type to Class. After changing this, you will be able to select the Class created previously.

12. Next, provide  Help Text and Label to the new  Menu Item and save the changes.

13. Finally, test your Menu Item to see if everything works. Simply right-click the newly created Menu Item and select Open from the context menu. The WHS browser should open if you followed the above steps.

Adding the Menu Item to Tools Menu

14. To finish your code, the newly create Menu Item should be added to the Tools menu. To accomplish this, navigate to AOT and within Menus, select the GlobalToolsMenu object.

15. Right-click GlobalToolsMenu, select Menu from the context menu and then Menu Item from the expanded menu.

16. The menu item you created will be available in the MenuItemName dropdown. Select it to update the Name of the Menu Item.

17. Save the changes you have made to AOT.

From there, the menu item you created for opening the WHM browser window will be available in the Tools menu when you open Dynamics AX R3. When you click the new item, the browser client will open.

You can make things even better  with a small additional change. Having added the new menu, you may notice the URL looks a little bit different when you click the login button. This is because the main () method is pointing to the base URL.

You can edit the main () method to point to the login button. When you make this change, you will bypass WHM’s welcome splash screen when you open the client browser.

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