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Engineering Change Management for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Nov 20, 2020 10:48:12 AM / 0 Comments / in Microsoft Gold ERP CSP Dynamics Partner, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, ERP Integration, Manufacturing in the Cloud, Product Change Management, Engineering Change Management by Nancy Phillippi

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6 Ways to Embrace Continuous Product Improvements with Engineering Change Management

Most manufacturers are on a journey of making continuous improvements to processes and products. If you're like most companies, your product offerings evolve over time. Often these changes must be tracked to meet rising expectations of quality, reliability, compliance and product safety. While the  products may change, the goals are the same; deliver quality products that meet the expectations of the customer and make a profit. It may sound simple but any manufacturer will tell you about the complexities in the supply chain and they will amaze you how they do it. Sometimes, they have the right tools and sometimes they don’t.  Read more to learn how many successful manufacturers optimize the process of product development with a modern ERP solution and Engineering Change Management tools (ECM)

In this blog, we’ll explore the latest capabilities available for managing Product Information (or the term lifecycle is often used) Management (PIM/PLM) include engineering change management and production versioning capabilities product changes. Dynamics 356 Supply Chain Management recently improved the PIM with additional Engineering Change Management functionality to help manufacturers streamline PIM/PLM,  manage versions and any changes, which helps reduce costs, errors and waste and help with compliance reporting. How does Microsoft’s  Supply Chain Management help accomplish all this and more?  As with any successful ERP solution, Dynamics 356 Supply Chain Management evolved over time.  As the leader in productivity software Microsoft's commitment with all their leading products, a commitment to make improvements based on customer feedback and the demands of the market.  PIM/PLM is one of those areas that needed more functionality within Dynamics 365.

A modern manufacturing ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management's, is a powerful and flexible platform that provides real time data with increased visibility and productivity in all areas of your manufacturing operation. When it comes to your product design improvements requested by customers or new technology, your Product Development and/or Engineering teams rely on having the right tools to design, launch, and improve products during the entire lifecycle.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain's ECM key features benefit product evolution and PIM/PLM with 3-minute YouTube video demonstration by Microsoft

  1. Centralized product data management: Set up an engineering organization that, through a managed release process, ensures that accurate and relevant product data is available to users across the enterprise.
  2. Product versioning: Track changes to products through product versions, and control versions throughout all stages of the supply chain.
  3. Product lifecycle management: Manage the visibility of product data across the organization and control the availability of product versions at each stage of the supply chain. It provides detailed control over when a product version can be used in certain business processes.
  4. Engineering change management: Enable users throughout the organization to request changes to products. Use engineering change orders to assess and document the impact of proposed changes. Add workflows to manage the engineering change process and the release of new versions of a product.
  5. Readiness control: Provide system checks and user guidance (using questionnaires and checklists) to ensure necessary product data is fully populated before a product is released.
  6. Enhanced release product functionality: Enables the release of a fully configured product version from an engineering organization (legal entity) to other legal entities. 


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