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Acumatica vs Sage 300: Why Modern Cloud ERP Software Wins

Acumatica vs Sage 300

7 Reasons to Explore Your Options with Acumatica vs SAGE 300 (FKA ACCPAC)

Sage 300 had a good run in the ERP market for decades. Unfortunately, it's clear there's no long-term future for Sage 300 customers. There are many reasons these customers are migrating to a more modern solution like Acumatica Cloud ERP. Sage customers are finding the cost of running their business on old legacy technology is too high. If your company is still using Sage 300, then you are on the sidelines of the modern digital economy. The purpose of this ebook below is to help you compare Acumatica vs Sage 300.

Sage 300 Legacy WP

Download our ebook "Sage 300 Users Find a Modern, Future-Proof World Awaiting with Acumatica" to learn why so many Sage 300 customers have moved to Acumatica. If you need reasons to explore your options sooner than later, here are the top 7 reasons so many Sage 300 customers switched to Acumatica already.

  1. Sage 300 Outdated Legacy Architecture
  2. Acumatica’s Cloud Platform Allows You to Future-Proof Your Business
  3. Sage 300 Functional Limitations Create Barriers to Growth
  4. Acumatica Unifies Business Processes with a Comprehensive System Designed for Your Industry
  5. Industry Functionality is a Core Benefit for Acumatica Users
  6. Sage 300 Support and ISV Ecosystem is Rapidly Shrinking
  7. Acumatica Takes a Customer-First Approach as its Go-To-Market Strategy

Migrate to Acumatica: Leave Sage 300 Behind and Boost Your Profits

Competition across most industries is at a fever pitch. Companies have a lot to get right to be successful and compete and there's increasing pressure to digitize and become omnichannel capable. The goal with a modern ERP, like Acumatica, is to lower your overall cost of operations with a future-proof solution that leverages cloud-native technology to grow your business.

How to Tell When It’s Time to Migrate

Sage 300 software has probably served you well over the years. if you are experiencing any of the following, it’s time to consider your options:

● High costs incurred by maintaining, integrating, and upgrading an on-premise system.

● Inability to connect Sage 300 to other applications without relying on fragile point-to-point integrations which often break during the upgrade process.

● No access to the system for field workers at the job site which is causing huge difficulties and preventing real-time collaboration with the office.

Acumatica Unifies Business Processes with a Comprehensive System Designed for Growth

Sage 300 provides foundational support for operations. Yet, it lacks comprehensive financials, embedded CRM, complete document management, native integration with MS-Office, and multi-language capabilities. Without these features, it's difficult to manage customers, reporting, collaboration across teams and/or pursue market opportunities in new geographies. This, combined with the inability to track other key project metrics, leads to uninformed decisions and missed opportunities to improve processes, save money, and grow revenue.

Acumatica Cloud ERP includes powerful project management, comprehensive financials, role-based dashboards, document management, and robust reporting. Dashboard drill-down reports identify critical changes and trends in data to make informed real-time decisions. You can easily leverage best practices with KPIs provided in Acumatica. 

Sage 300 has excelled in serving the SMB market for over 40 years. The system has allowed your business to compete effectively. However, today there's a greater need for better collaboration, field access, reporting, and value for your annual spend on Sage 300. These reasons should invite you to consider newer, more efficient applications. Acumatica has the functionality to support distribution, manufacturing, retail, service, and several other industries. Acumatica has many features that are unmatched by Sage 300.

Acumatica Takes a Customer-First Approach as its Go-To-Market Strategy

Unfortunately for Sage 300 customers, Sage 300 does not get the same care and attention as Sage’s newer, cloud-based applications. In fact, its days are well publicized to be numbered. Sage’s R&D investments, reselling partners, and third-party developers have shifted their focus to cover Sage Intacct and Sage X3. Your maintenance and support dollars are being diverted to other products, with little investment in the ERP platform you use to manage your business today. Sage encourages Sage 300 users to migrate to Sage Intacct, which has inferior and missing capabilities in distribution and manufacturing given its recent market debut (March 2020).

The appeal of modern platform technologies and robust, connected application suites has value-added resellers rounding out their software portfolio with competing products. More products mean less focus on you, the partners’ existing customer base. The market appeal of cloud-native ERP systems is also a strong signal that legacy software is on borrowed time.

Meanwhile, the Acumatica licensing model, data policies, and support mechanisms are designed to meet the needs of customers, not shareholders, and are unrivaled in the industry. Acumatica’s “Customer Bill of Rights” is a commitment to providing fair, respectful, and mutually advantageous policies to every customer, unique among ERP vendors.

Acumatica Enables Companies to Grow and Scale Successfully and Profitably

Acumatica Cloud ERP is the clear choice for growing companies that want to run their businesses effectively and gain operational efficiencies for profitability and growth. It includes certified payroll, project management, compliance management, robust financials with job cost accounting, document management, industry reporting, and native CRM.

Sage 300 has outlasted its useful life, especially as Sage turns its attention to its cloud-based portfolio. The time is now to consider modern solutions to help your business grow. Eliminate data silos, capture data faster, and increase collaboration between teams working at home, in the field and office. 

Designed for mobile accessibility anytime, anywhere, on any device, Acumatica provides you with the tools to navigate your complex business needs and thrive in the new digital economy.



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