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Acumatica vs NetSuite: 5 Reasons Acumatica Wins

Acumatica vs NetSuite

Why Do More Growing Businesses Prefer Acumatica vs NetSuite?

One of the most difficult decisions to make in business is ERP software selection. ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) with no doubt can make or break your business. It's critical to make the right choice. If your business has grown to a point where your current system no longer supports your requirements, you have reached the next level. Now it is time to take the leap to a modern ERP solution that can support your growing needs. Each day you delay can result in lost time and efficiencies. The purpose of this ebook below is to assist you in comparing two leading cloud ERP systems, Acumatica vs NetSuite.

Both Acumatica and NetSuite are two leading true cloud ERP mid-market ERP options. They both have financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting, payroll, inventory and warehouse management, manufacturing operations, wholesale distribution processes, and omnichannel commerce capabilities. While minor differences exist between them, the overall scope of features is more similar than not. So, what are the top 5 reasons growing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) choose Acumatica ERP instead of Oracle's NetSuite?


Download this ERP solution ebook "Evaluating Acumatica and Oracle NetSuite: Considerations for SMB Companies" that's designed to help growing small and mid-sized evaluate the two leading cloud ERP solutions Acumatica and NetSuite.

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Here's a list of topics covered in the ebook to keep in mind when the best ERP to help you meet your company's growth goals.

  1. Implementation and Risk
  2. Predictable Cost Structure
  3. Usability
  4. Partner Ecosystem
  5. Ease of Doing Business

More on Implementation and Risk

The first point detailed in the ebook is the differences in the implementation and risk. Acumatica's "FastTrack Deployment" is "an accelerated installation for customers that need a rapid, simplified, fixed-cost scope for their implementation. In contrast, the NetSuite "SuiteSuccess" implementation program is a high-risk process for customers for several reasons.

Implementation Methodology - Both companies advertise an implementation methodology designed to reduce the time and cost to get up and running, only Acumatica has a good reputation in this critical area. Acumatica's "FastTrack Deployment" is successful mainly because it relies on the experience of certified Acumatica partners, like our Clients First team, to get to know your business and your processes. It starts in the customer "discovery phase" and initial planning steps, which help verify expectations and meet the implementation goals. 

Partner/Customer-Friendly Philosophy - NetSuite sells direct and through VARs. When VARs compete with the publisher, it's the customer that loses. VARs become unhappy with NetSuite and it impacts their level of service to their NetSuite customers.

Completion of Implementation - Acumatica has a much better reputation for getting customers up and running than NetSuite. When NetSuite customers buy direct from NetSuite, they are often left without a full implementation because the implementation scope was not projected accurately. This leaves many customers looking for a VAR to finish the implementation. VARs are not always willing to pick up unfinished NetSuite direct implementations.

"SuiteSuccess is the means to NetSuite’s deeply discounted implementations. To defray costs and time, SuiteSuccess follows a defined scope that details:

  • Only core Financial Management and CRM are deployed.
  • The solution is based on NetSuite-defined best practices, prohibits any modifications or integrations with other software, and does not provide data migration of historical data.
  • Customers can be held accountable for missing planned go-live dates—with penalties from NetSuite for delaying or missed milestones." - ("Evaluating Acumatica and Oracle NetSuite: Considerations for SMB Companies" page 2)

Support - Our Acumatica consultants serve as the first point of contact for our Acumatica customers. Acumatica's Customer Support is available to address product issues as part of a dual-layered service. Strict certification requirements are mandated for all VARs, making competence a top priority for the Acumatica channel. 

"Acumatica LIVES by its mission to be the most customer-friendly ERP provider, as evidenced by:

  • A formal “Customer Bill of Rights” manifesto, guaranteeing every user fair and friendly treatment.
  • An Acumatica customer portal to facilitate collaboration with trading partners such as vendors, customers, and outside consultants.
  • A steadfast focus on developing and supporting a singular ERP product with significant R&D investment (75% of Acumatica resources help develop and test the software).
  • Free online training for ALL employees via Acumatica Open University.
  • Award-winning usability and satisfaction ratings from industry sources G2, IDC, Nucleus Research, and Gartner. Winner of the coveted CODIE award for the best software product in 2021." (Evaluating Acumatica and Oracle NetSuite: Considerations for SMB Companies - page 6)

The Best Acumatica Customers are at Clients First

Company: Eder Flags

Expertise: Manufacturer and Industry Leader in Large Flags and Commercial Poles

Software Implemented: Acumatica Cloud ERP

“The CFBS (Clients First Business Solutions) team has been outstanding from the beginning. We originally reached out to CFBS for a comparative quote, but they were so impressive we ended choosing them as our partner. Partner is the best word to describe their style. They jumped in, learned our business and helped us implement a solution that works for our business. We just completed our first month in Acumatica after using GP for nearly 20 years and I am pleased to say it’s going great.”

Business software should increase productivity, improve profitability, and be easy for staff to use. Most of today’s ERP solutions are good at finance and have horizontal niches for distribution, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul for aviation and heavy equipment. This makes searching for a software solution more about what the implementation partner can do to help you get the most out of the system. That is why Clients First is not a software company. We are a business solutions and services company.

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