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Nancy Phillippi By Nancy Phillippi • October 18, 2019

Clients First Exhibits at TMAC Smart Manufacturing Conference

Are you going to the 2019 TMAC Smart Manufacturing Conference? If not, is there any reason you should you go? Do you want to learn more about what “smart manufacturing” means or how to get to the “factory of the future?” Why go there anyway and will you need Industry 4.0? Do you understand what’s all the fuss about collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, 3D printing and many more emerging technologies? TMAC is the place to learn what you need to compete in the modern world of smart manufacturing.

The TMAC conference focuses on helping you gain knowledge about emerging technologies to compete in today and tomorrows market. Join the 8,000 Texas area CEOs, Business Owners, Quality Managers or Operations Managers of manufacturing companies across a wide variety of industries. Specifically, the industries the conference focuses on are; food & beverage, oil & gas, aerospace, packaging, building materials, electronics & assembly, and many more.

We’re excited to be an exhibitor and support the manufacturing community. solution at the 2019 TMAC Smart Manufacturing Conference and talk to you about our ERP solutions for the Manufacturing Industry. We hope to see you there!

TMAC Smart Manufacturing Conference Details


5 Reasons to Attend

1. Meet Industry Experts: See the latest products, view demonstrations and speak with industry-leaders to learn how smart manufacturing can help your organization.

2. Presentations: With 6 different breakout sessions, a smart manufacturing overview and a keynote speaker, you will learn how these new technologies are implemented along with industry best practices.

3. Networking: What better way to meet others in the manufacturing industry than at a smart manufacturing conference?

4. Best Practices: These emerging technologies can be used across a wide variety of industries including food & beverage, oil & gas, aerospace, packaging, building materials, electronics & assembly, and many more.

5. Visit our Clients First Booth: Learn about our software offerings and manufacturing experience.

Clients First is known for our vertical expertise in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for Aviation or Equipment, Manufacturing and Job Shops.

Questions about how to improve your manufacturing operations? Contact us at 800-331-8382 or email info@cfbs-us.com. Clients First located in Dallas, Texas and Minneapolis, Minnesota serve companies worldwide.

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