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Inventory Requirements and ERP Selection

Inventory Requirements

Mike Conti has over 20 years' experience with helping companies work with business software or ERP (enterprise resource planning).  He took a few minutes and documented some very important issues regarding inventory that should be considered when a business begins evaluating ERPs.   As Mike touches on in his white paper, so I have heard from prospects numerous times about the length of the field name of our inventory master file during discovery sales calls.  This is really a moot point, since more ERP software solutions have expanded their field lengths, or they can be extended easily.  Consider instead the points in Mike's document.  

What is most important is making sure the software can handle today's and tomorrow's inventory requirements and provide you with the information and data you need to make the right decisions.  You certainly don't want to be replacing software again in a couple of years! 

Take a few minutes to read this informative white paper even if you are not planning on purchasing new software anytime soon.  It might help you understand your current environment better, which is always a plus.

Inventory Guide to ERP

If you would like more information on ERP software and our services, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly advisers at Clients First Business Solutions. 

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