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AI and Manufacturing Software - Free eBook


What role does AI and manufacturing software play in the Factory of the Future? Free eBook by Microsoft 

Last year, Microsoft released an eBook Factory of the Future - Achieving digital excellence in manufacturing, today.  One hot topic for manufacturers is how to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help automate operations. In manufacturing, automation is key to reducing costs and increasing productivity. The potential for AI applications in the manufacturing environment is huge. AI is a combination of machine learning algorithms that can assess the data and make complex decisions. These algorithms can be applied to discover meaningful patterns which are capable of applying to a variety of applications in the manufacturing process. The possibilities are endless!    

Our previous blog provides an excellent summary of this Factory of the Future article.  In this blog, we will dive deeper into AI and it's implications on the manufacturing industry.  Manufacturing software combined with AI has the power to quickly analyze, predict, and implement commands directly to the factory floor. In a manufacturing environment, the applications for AI are limitless. The best part is that manufacturers don’t have to wait for the future because it’s a reality today! 

3 ways to get a competitive edge with AI and manufacturing software

  1. Remote monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) - Remote monitoring and IoT connects the shop floor with the rest of the company. Remote monitoring makes it possible remotely maintain equipment such as freezers and other factory assets that are critical to operations. Cloud technology makes secure mobile access possible for anyone in the company. Microsoft, for example, has a solution called Azure IoT Remote Monitoring - an AI tool that can be deployed today. Dynamics 365 for AI enables your company to manage safety in the workplace and product recall standards in real time. When used in conjunction with a robust ERP system, AI can stop production at the drop of a pin. Sensors track operating conditions and the output performance of robotics and machines in your factory down to the microscopic level, if necessary. Microsoft will invest $5 billion in IoT over the next 4 years and here's an article that explains why
  2. Supply chain management - Using AI, a robust ERP solution will be able to use algorithms to predict patterns of demand for products while also calculating current inventory levels. Stock levels will never be too high or too low. This same technology can be applied to manufacturing products with the most complex production process. Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example, connects the manufacturing operations with all other aspects of the business.  You have real-time access to inventory levels, sales demand, more...  
  3. Predictive maintenance - AI can learn to predict when maintenance is required.  You will no longer get in a jam with unexpected shutdowns or lapses in productivity. Instead, AI can help with budgeting and resource allocation to make sure that all deadlines are met and productivity is maximized. 

Microsoft takes factory automation to a new level through innovative solutions such as Azure IoT remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Download this free Factory of the Future eBook: 

Free Whitepaper Factory of the Future

Contact our Clients First manufacturing consultants today! 

Our Clients First manufacturing consultants help manufacturing companies on the path to a factory of the future. Integration is key to empower you to analyze inventory and labor costs, track quality, and handle all the operations and financial aspects of your business. Even if you don't want your shop floor or production team entering time and updating inventory or work orders, having a good foundation in place for a clerk to enter this information is paramount in remaining competitive.

Clients First is known for our vertical expertise in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for Aviation or Equipment, Manufacturing and Job Shops. 

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Contact Us: Email: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, or call us at 800.331.8382. We're located in Dallas, Texas and serve companies worldwide. 

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