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Advice to Mfg. C-Levels Who Need Raw Material Traceability

Raw Material Traceability
Raw Material Traceability in Manufacturing
As evidenced by five major stories about food contamination in the last month alone, there is no doubt that a need for raw material and finished good traceability during the manufacturing process exists. The necessary traceability should allow for easier product recalls and aid in quality controls.  

Material traceability and business intelligence is imperative for manufacturing and mandates a business software that has the ability to track ingredients, components, serial numbers, and lot numbers.  This is also true for distributors across numerous industries who need to track items for a variety of purposes, including service management, warranty management, and even as a theft deterrent (Dynamics AX can even work alongside with M2M and IoT for temperature controls and the like).

In Dynamics AX, manufacturers can trace items, raw materials, or ingredients back to the vendor and forward through the production and sale of the finished product.  See the video below to see how effortless your job can be with Dynamics AX to trace components used in the manufacturing process.

Item tracing helps your company comply with regulatory requirements and also helps quality officers and production managers analyze and take action to address variances in the quality of products and materials.

If you are current on maintenance in AX, the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 cumulative update 6 expanded the item tracing functionality to provide consolidated and more actionable visibility into the source and destination of items and raw materials in the supply chain.

Here is a short list of the capabilities:

  • Determine how much of the item or raw material has been shipped and to which customers
  • Identify any planned shipments that include the item or raw material
  • Locate production orders that use the item or raw material
  • Find out which vendor the item or raw material was purchased from

Watch the video to see how simple Dynamics AX makes item traceability for manufacturing or distribution.  Any item with a blue font can be traced forward and backward through production.  Talk about a blue line special, this functionality is always available and not just when the blue light is flashing.  Dynamics AX supports your company even in the wee hours of the morning, making your work life easier.

Need help tracing customers' cores and/or equipment? Clients First developed this functionality for MRO's in our own intellectual property software called ProMRO that works with Dynamics AX. This functionality benefits Sulzer and Ram Aircraft, for example, and Dynamics AX can benefit you, too. Our office in Texas implements and supports clients across the U.S.A. and in 11 countries.  Clients First Texas is one of 7 locations including Minneapolis, MN.   Our team of professionals are ready to help implement the best finance and operations solutions for food and  pharmaceutical manufacturers, project based manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), and professional services. Please contact our sales team at 800.331.8382 or for more information on our offerings from Acumatica or Dynamics AX.

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