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How Unified Data in Manufacturing Helps Attract New Buyers and Repeat Sales

Feb 16, 2022 1:11:47 PM / 0 Comments / in Manufacturing ERP Software by Nancy Phillippi

Unified Data in Manufacturing

Today’s buyers have higher expectations than ever with many switching to competitors that offer better service. Learn more about why unified data in manufacturing is important and can improve service delivery. Ultimately, this will enable you to attract new buyers and increase sales among existing customers.

The Path to Connected Computing

It is practically impossible to escape the concept of the connected business. We’ve been hearing about it for the last decade and have seen it accelerate rapidly with the advent and ubiquity of cloud computing. This digital transformation has been hard for some, and not without pitfalls.

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Most companies took their digital transformation in stages, in one team or department at a time. If you don’t architect this correctly, you can be left with aggregated but siloed data. To connect these silos, companies cobbled together software or manual processes to transfer data between siloed business units. This tactic often results in duplicate data, slow performance and timed-out reports, and more security risks.

This system of interconnected data silos has been widely tolerated, but cloud technology has matured and advanced. By implementing advancements such as cloud processing, data lakes, as well as better business processes and governance, businesses are finally starting to tear down data silos. Companies and realizing the potential of a fully connected business where all the organization’s data is aggregated into a central database. Your data is seamlessly sent across the organization in real-time, wherever it is needed.

Using Unified Data to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Not so long ago, a manufacturers’ engagement with their consumers ended once the product shipped. Today, however, that’s when the true customer relationship begins. For example, manufacturers have utilized sensors to gather data on product usage and performance.

Unified product usage data enables your company to see which product features are used more often and how the product is being used. This information can then be used to determine and prioritize upcoming product features and functions so that customers will like them even better.

In a similar way, product performance data and trending enable proactive engagement with your customers. You’ll be able to predict maintenance requirements and repair needs and proactively contact the consumer to schedule service appointments. This means your customers are less likely to experience any equipment breakdowns. Given the typical consumer’s busy lifestyle, such responsive service and support are highly valuable and sought after.

A Huge Leap Forward

Unified data in manufacturing presents a huge leap forward. The benefits of real-time data from across the organization are massive. It means that companies like yours can have access to live data to help make more strategic decisions based on the latest, most accurate information. It means that businesses can push updates to teams in the field to ensure they have the most recent information. It means that your customers can track their order through the entire lifecycle of an order. And it means that financial reporting is not only faster but more accurate.

Globally, companies are projected to invest $2 trillion by 2022 in digital transformation. Your business software should increase productivity, improve profitability, and be easy for staff to use. Most of today’s ERP solutions are good at finance and have horizontal niches for distribution, manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul for aviation and heavy equipment. This makes searching for a software solution more about what the implementation partner can do to help you get the most out of the system. That is why Clients First is not a software company, we are a business solutions and services company.

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