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What's New in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

microsoft dynamics 365 supply chain

6 Exciting New Updates in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is getting numerous updates and new functionalities in its 2022 release wave 2. The plan is for all the updates to roll out between October 2022 and March 2023. Our goal is to give you a complete overview of these new updates, so you and your company have plenty of time to prepare and take full advantage of these new offerings.

Inventory and Logistics

The goal of the inventory and logistics enhancements in this wave is to help businesses more efficiently manage all their supply chain operations. Businesses using advanced warehouse management (WHS) can now use the Inventory Visibility Add-in.

This add-in will help your business allocate inventory and make soft reservations. Inventory allocation allows you to reserve on-hand inventory for your most important channels and clients. Soft reservations will help you keep track of sales demand and prevent overselling. You will also have the ability to track real-time consumption of quantities allocated to specific channels, stores, or markets. In addition to improved tracking, businesses can obtain a full inventory summary across all channels. This will allow you to improve your inventory analytics, and in turn, your distribution.

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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain also offers some enhancements to Planning Optimization in this release wave. The primary goal of these enhancements is to add support for more scenarios, improve planning accuracy, and help users respond to changes more efficiently. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Planning Optimization can now take into account supply forecasts. This allows them to enhance the accuracy of the generated material requirements plans.
  • Manufacturers can now use Planning Optimization in process manufacturing scenarios that include co-products, batch orders, and by-products.
  • Planning Optimization will respect finite material availability when automatically scheduling actual, firmed production orders ensuring planned production orders will not be delayed due to material shortages.

Warehouse Management

Dynamics 365’s warehouse management solution already provided a rich and flexible set of capabilities. However, we believe their new enhancements will take this solution to another level. The new mobile packing experience allows warehouse workers to perform packing activities on the move with the Warehouse Management mobile app. Their revamped implementation and configuration experience allows you to significantly reduce your implementation time and costs. Additionally, Azure Application Insights gives businesses easy insights into the performance and usage of their warehouse management system. 


The updates to procurement and sourcing will increase your organization’s resiliency and agility of your supply chain operations. The new risk assessment dashboard makes it easier for you to find and diagnose sourcing delays and shortages. This will help you be significantly more proactive when optimizing your supply chains.

Product Information Management

This release wave brings numerous improvements that allow users to work with product information in their local language. This is truly a game changer for multinational companies. 


As far as manufacturing is concerned, the enhancements are sharply focused on improving “shop floor agility.” Here are the two we are most excited about:

  • The upcoming enhancements to Sensor Data Intelligence add new asset management scenarios make it possible for you to customize and extend scenarios to fit your needs.
  • They also separate physical registration from derived financial updates. This will significantly reduce the latency that occurs in the production process.

To learn more about Dynamics 365 Supply Chain, reach out to Clients First to schedule a demonstration, review our functional and technical consultant experience, and hear from our satisfied customers.

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