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Fast and Easy Expense Reporting

Feb 21, 2017 12:00:00 AM / 0 Comments / in Acumatica, Acumatica Cloud ERP, Reporting, Expense Reports by Nancy Phillippi

If you’ve ever watched the TV series “The Office” that is about a fictional paper distribution company called Dunder-Mifflin Inc., you might remember how Regional Manager, Michael Scott, absolutely detested the branch’s human resources representative, Toby Flenderson. Some viewers would wonder what sparked his hatred for Toby, with no obvious reasons in sight. Unfortunately, the events leading up to this rivalry were never revealed, but maybe the answer was in our faces all along. Perhaps Michael didn’t like Toby because Toby oversaw all HR paperwork and obligated him to do it.

It makes sense that a manager would rather focus on getting work done (or in Michael’s case, focus on having fun), than using that time to do deal with necessary HR tasks such as timesheets, payroll, and expense reporting. We all know those things can be an annoyance, but we also know they must be done. Although there is no way of getting rid of them, they don’t have to be stressful and time-consuming.

That must have been on Acumatica's mind when they made the Acumatica 6.1 release.  The new release contains more sophisticated features that are accessible from a smartphone. One of those features that also looks very promising is the Expense Reporting capability from within the Acumatica app.

From your smartphone, you can start an expense report, select what kind of charge the expense was, and take a picture of the receipt, and the app takes care of the rest.  The Acumatica App fills in all other information based on the receipt. In just a few moments the picture of the receipt is cleaned up, the expense report’s fields are automatically filled in, and the report is ready for submission right after signing the report with your finger!

There are a lot of other neat technology advancements coming to Acumatica. Things like big data, Internet of things (IoT), Block Chain (a digital transaction ledger), Machine Learning, Voice recognition/Natural language processing, chat Bots and much more! Acumatica is making work so quick and simple that if they had been using it at Dunder-Mifflin, Michael might have actually liked doing his job...and Toby.  Come back to our blog during the next few months to learn more.

Acumatica is an award winning, complete ERP solution with no per-user license costs. To learn more about the product, contact Clients First's sales team today by calling 800.331.8382 or emailing Clients First implements and supports clients across the U.S.A. and in 11 countries. Our team of professionals is ready to help implement the best finance and operations solutions for manufacturers, distributors, project-based manufacturers, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), and professional services.

Tags: Acumatica, Acumatica Cloud ERP, Reporting, Expense Reports


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