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How to Get the Most ROI out of Your 2021 Budget

Get the Most ROI
Through the first half of 2021, you will want to focus on your budget and how to get the most return on investment. This is critical as you move into the second quarter of the year. You need to ask tough questions and find the right solutions. Not only will this make your life easier, but it will ensure that you are staying on track in terms of budget. 

What is Return on Investment?

ROI stands for return on investment. In order to have a profitable ROI, you will need to keep it in the forefront of your brain throughout the year. Although you may have a plan, you need to bring the right strategy and support to follow through with it. This will allow you to target your budgeting dollars to realize a great ROI.

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Using the Right Software

There are plenty of types of software to choose from, but using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is essential. Cloud ERP software is developed for various industries in order to target the specific needs of your company. By using Cloud technology coupled with security, Acumatica Cloud ERP can help you get the most ROI overall.

Here are a few advantages of ERP software, facilitating a great ROI for 2021.

  • Accessibility: Provides access for all company employees, on any device, to connect to the same internet server.
  • Hosted off of your business site: Rather than run on company-owned IT hardware, Acumatica takes the stress off of you. Acumatica Cloud ERP takes care of keeping software up to date so you don’t have to. This can allow you to focus on other, more important aspects of your budget.
  • Industry-specific features: One of the main purposes of ERP software is to make conducting business easier.  Acumatica provides industry editions to make all processes move more smoothly.

Increase Speed and Efficiency

Companies that adopt a good ERP solution are able to achieve an increase in speed and performance of operations. This eventually leads to a great ROI. The efficiency of project completion is essential, and you'd like it to be at the right cost. This happens if you focus on the following:

Real-time data

Sticking to a budget means you have all the information you need at any given time. This means that everyone in your enterprise has access to the data they need when they need it. It can be for critical information such as labor and material utilizations, or simply project costs.

Streamlined interface

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a great option for how you can take advantage of a centralized database. By streamlining the location where all of your data and departments are located, it is not only cost-efficient, but allows everyone to focus on the same goal. This reduces time, which reduces wasted time, thus increasing the ROI in totality.

Share data with field employees

Part of sticking to a plan is ensuring that everyone involved has all the information they need when they need it. Choosing a solution that allows you to access the main database at any time means that there is no downtime. Whether you are on a job site or in a project center, the information will be available to you.

Get the Return on Investment You Need

Companies that invest in implementing solutions, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP, or Dynamics 365 quickly realize a return on their investment. These ERP solutions are easier to customize than previous legacy solutions. Find out more about the software costs by contacting us.

About Clients First 

Business software should increase productivity, improve profitability, and be easy for staff to use. Most of today’s ERP solutions are good at finance and have horizontal niches for distribution, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) for aviation and heavy equipment. This makes searching for a software solution more about what the implementation partner can do to help you get the most out of the system. That is why Clients First is not a software company--we are a business solutions and services company.

Contact Clients First Business Solutions to learn more about the right ERP solution for your business to help you get the most ROI out of your 2021 budget.

Email: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, or call us at 800.331.8382 

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