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Quick Tip Tuesday is for Smart Acumatica Users and Prospects!

Acumatica Cloud ERP
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Acumatica Cloud ERP users are a smart group!  They know that it's one of the easiest to use ERP solutions available.  Our weekly Quick Tip videos even prove how easy Acumatica is to use and learn.  

Are you ready to sit back with a cup of coffee and see how your end-users can easily adapt to the Acumatica software?  Then please SIGN UP and start watching here:  We also have a LinkedIn Group you can join as well:  

Here is the list of videos so far: 

Quick Tip    Description
1    User Interface: Basics
2    User Interface: Search
3    User Interface: Help
4    User Interface: Favorites
5    User Interface: Drag & Drop
6    Keyboard Short Cuts: Toolbar
7    Keyboard Short Cuts: Summary & Tables
8    Keyboard Short Cuts: Table
9    Workspaces: Basics
10    Workspaces: Customizing Tiles & Quick Menu
11    Workspaces: Customizing Categories
12    Workspaces: Add New Workspace
13    Workspaces: Add Quick Tile
14    Workspaces: Add Dashboard Quick Tile
15    Reporting: Create Templates
16    Reporting: Sort and Filters
17    Activities: Overview
18    Activities: Adding Activity Types
19    Activities: Creating Tasks
20    Activities: Task Follow Up
21    Activities: Time Card & General Inquiry
22    Attributes: Overview
23    Attributes: Create & Add to Classes
24    Attributes: How to Find Classes
25    Attributes: User-Defined Fields
26    Attributes: Add to Generic Inquiry
27    Attributes: Add Scorecard to Dashboard
28    Attributes: Add Chart to Dashboard
29    Classes: Overview
30    Classes: Where Used
31    CRM: Overview
32    CRM: Add a Lead
33    CRM: Working with Leads
34    CRM: Opportunity to Sales Quote
35    CRM: Work Sales Quote
36    CRM: Winning! Convert to a Customer!

Many thanks to Mica Mitchell for her demo and editing skills in creating all these videos!

Be sure to share the links with your team of managers and decision makers when you are ready to evaluate new software for your business.  Clients First is a Gold Acumatica and Gold Dynamics 365 Partner with seven locations nationwide.  Our Texas and Minnesota offices focus on Acumatica for small to mid-sized companies and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain for larger enterprise organizations.  Our primary focus is on manufacturing, MRO or maintenance, repair, and overhaul, job shops, and project-focused industries in general.  We love our Projects modules and how well they work with manufacturing! You can always call us at 800.331.8382, or email us at



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