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Acumatica Cloud ERP: Real-Time Integration With Excel

Acumatica Cloud ERP


Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud ERP and financial software. Apart from the basic features available in most traditional financial applications, Acumatica has gone a step further to make its cloud ERP easier and more productive for users.

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Some of the usability features that stand out in Acumatica include:

  • Real-time connectivity with Microsoft Excel
  • Parametric filtering
  • Quick Search
  • Ability to drag and drop files in Acumatica

Excel integration is one of the most powerful features in Acumatica. The feature allows users to analyze live data from the software in Excel. The integration feature is available on a number of screens, including the General Ledger Account screen.

Importing/Exporting Data To or From Excel

The process of exporting and importing data with Excel for new and existing accounts is easy. Users can accomplish this task right from their screens without having to call the IT department.

Say you want to view accounts in the General Ledger. To do this, simply go to the Finance Area -->General Ledger--> Configurations, and click the Chart of Accounts. On the Chart of Accounts screen, you can export the accounts to Excel to be able to view them in the MS Office application.

When you open an exported Excel file, it shows which columns the data belong to as is outputted on the General Ledger screen. You can make any changes you'd like on the Excel file and upload it to Acumatica. When you import the file, the data will go to their correct columns. In case you made any changes in the columns, the cloud ERP provides an option of mapping the columns before importing.

When you edit the data in the Excel document and upload it, Acumatica will update the records on the Ledger. When uploading edited records, there is an option on whether or not you want Acumatica to update the Ledger records.

Real-time Excel Integration Editing

Thanks to real-time Excel integration, you can edit accounts in Acumatica and have the data updated on the Excel document you exported. This feature is possible from different screens on your cloud ERP.

For example, you can export Chart Accounts from the General Ledger as Excel. The Excel document will have the same data as is seen on your Chart Account screen. When you make any changes to the data in the Chart Account Screen, the data will also be automatically updated in the Excel sheet you exported.

After making data changes in the Chart screen, go to the Data menu on the Excel file and click “Refresh."  You will be prompted to enter your Acumatica credentials, and after login, the data will be updated to match the changes made.

Benefits of Acumatica with Excel Integration

Cloud computing is changing the way organizations are doing business. There are some key benefits of Acumatica Cloud ERP that you can utilize with Excel for the benefit of your business. Cloud computing makes it easy to share data between systems and business partners. The technology offers an unprecedented level of integration, allowing companies to interact in real-time and exchange the exact data they want in a fast and secure manner.

Acumatica cloud ERP allows organizations to access data from any place, at any time, and from a range of devices. For example, key employees can get up-to-date sales, accounts, or customer records even when they are away from their offices.

Excel is the second most popular business application, only second to email. Most organizations use Excel to compute data in order to make sense of the health of their business. You can take Excel to the cloud through Acumatica and get real-time access to your organization's data even when you are not in the office.

Integration eliminates the need of editing an Excel document multiple times, hence improving efficiency. In-house employees can update data on Acumatica and have the information reflected immediately on Excel. Moreover, since Acumatica is available on the cloud, multiple employees can access the ERP from different locations and make changes in real-time.

Through Acumatica real-time integration with Excel, any business has an opportunity to provide interested parties with real-time insight on company performance and important metrics that can guide strategic decisions.

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