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Acumatica ERP Announces New Releases

Feb 8, 2017 12:00:00 AM / 0 Comments / in Acumatica Cloud ERP, Acumatica news, Clients First Texas VAR, Whats New, Mobile Applications by Nancy Phillippi

Both Acumatica partners and customers flew to sunny San Diego last week for the 3rd annual Acumatica conference. Clients First brought their Acumatica team to the Summit for a 6-day information fest in which we were informed on the progress Acumatica has made over the past year, as well as what changes can be expected in the next year. In this article, we will be sharing some of the announcements that were made at the Acumatica Summit 2017.

Some business software’s summits have gained a reputation for being very vague when disclosing about the progress of the company in the past year and the goals they aim to reach in the next. Fortunately, that was not the case with Acumatica's summit. We found that it was very informative and as transparent as you would want a company you work with to be. Not for one second did it feel like a brag fest about how well they’ve done for themselves over the past year, although 2016 was a good year for the company. With great new information about where Acumatica is heading in the near future, we can say we are very excited to be a part of it.

Acumatica Announces Better Bundle Pricing 

I had the pleasure of hearing them announce the release of a few new editions of Acumatica:

  • One of those editions is the Commerce Edition which will be equipped with advanced financial and distribution capabilities, as well as a product configurator and Amazon integration in order to stay competitive.
  • There will also be an Acumatica Small Business Edition that will cater to businesses that need only 5-10 users. Another new edition is Order Management, which is going to be a simplified version of the distribution module.
  • Acumatica also gave more information on their Field Services Edition that has already made quite an impression on all who attended their webinar in December. Clients First will also be hosting an Acumatica Field Services Edition Webinar if you like to attend.

New Add-On Modules to Meet Unique Business Requirements

There are also many other thrilling things coming to Acumatica, such as its integration with DocuSign as a new add-on. They have also made some pretty impressive improvements in its ease of use, including:

  • If you see something that doesn’t look quite right on one of the charts on your dashboard, you can just click on the part of the chart that you want to check on, and it will take you to the source of the data.
  • With the new release of Acumatica 6.1, more functions that were available only on a computer are now easily accessible from their mobile app.
  • Acumatica has now made creating and submitting expense reports so convenient and simple that you can even do it in 30 seconds from your smartphone.

Overall, it was a good experience that accomplished what a summit should and at a great location. It was very refreshing to get away from the winter cold, if only for a few days! There were a lot of helpful takeaways not just in the keynote gatherings, but also in the 4-track breakout sessions. Clients First was six team members strong at the summit with Mike Conti, Mark Skinner, Bob Turner, Shawn Hawkins, Jennise Streaty, and Bobby Graves all in attendance.

Customers can also attend Acumatica’s Summit, so be on the lookout for next year’s Summit announcement, and if you’re not a customer yet, you can take the first step by contacting Clients First to discuss your company and its business needs at 800.331.8382, or

Clients First Field Services Webinar

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