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Mitigate Supply Chain Impacts with Manufacturing ERP

Mitigate Supply Chain risk

Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

While we can’t wave a magic wand and fix the never-ending supply chain issues manufacturers continue to feel, it is within your power to mitigate the impacts. Here is a closer look at how Acumatica manufacturing ERP software can help you prevent some of the most common problems.

How the Big Picture Helps

Organizations of any size can use an ERP system to bring their various and numerous applications under one umbrella. Such a comprehensive view allows you to analyze every aspect of your business, including the supply chain channels. Manufacturing management systems like Acumatica Cloud ERP monitor the indicators of trouble ahead of time, so you can take proactive steps to mitigate disruptions before they occur, instead of having to react to backlogged orders or missed shipments.

Acumatica collects and centralizes data from all departments to achieve this big picture. Because your disparate system data is now synchronized, your team members can see real-time, critical business information. When the ERP solution is cloud-based, this 360-degree view of your company’s functions can be accessed from any location, anytime.

A Manufacturing ERP is a Must

Among the options you’ll have to choose from are ERP solutions that aren’t built specifically for the manufacturing industry. Most any ERP will help your company become more productive and profitable. However, choosing one designed with the specific needs of the manufacturing industry in mind will lead to improved collaboration, efficient workflows and processes, and better team management.

Ideally, look for a manufacturing-specific ERP solution that provides integrated applications including production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, and product configuration. Moving to a single solution with these connected applications gives your teams the analytics and dashboards they need in order to navigate the continuing materials shortages and supply chain disruptions.

Manufacturing ERP solutions provide your materials planning team members with exactly what needs to be ordered in one centralized location. Create production and purchase orders right from the MRP screen in Acumatica. Now, you can drive your plan and your plant from the Master Production Schedule (MPS). The  manufacturing ERP functionality in Acumatica plans all requirements based upon the MPS.

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP

Successfully responding to the chaos brought on by increased inflation, growing transportation costs, rising fuel prices, and decreased availability is easier with a manufacturing-specific ERP system. Here are a couple benefits of Acumatica Manufacturing ERP for your company:

  • Improved Profits: materials resource planning (MRP) ensures materials are on hand just in time for manufacturing rather than tying up capital in materials inventory. Real-time material reports and exception alerts help planners respond to ongoing changes impacting demand and production schedules.
  • Maximize Utilization: accurate material plans ensure your teams have what they need when they need it to fulfill orders on time. This optimizes scheduling to maximize machine, work center, and labor resources.
  • Manage by Exception: monitor material plans, material shortage reports, and production from a real-time dashboard. Acumatica lets you drill down to manage material plans using exception messaging to keep production running at peak performance.

Trust the Manufacturing Experts

We have Acumatica experts ready to help guide you on your journey to optimal materials planning to ensure your company’s growth. Nothing replaces a live presentation, so please reach out to us to schedule a demonstration for your business.  Please call us at 800.331.8382, or send us an email at today.

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