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ERP trends: will Google Glass be the next tablet?

An increasing number of organizations operating within certain industry sectors, including MRO and logistics, have already provided their staff with tablets and Smartphones embedded with intelligent ERP mobile applications, which allow...

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Mobile Enterprise Applications

Mobile Enterprise Applications and the Changing Face of ERP

With mobile hand-helds like iPads and cell phones working in conjunction with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, mobile...

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On-Premise ERP Solutions

The Argument for On-Premise ERP Solutions

I heard something today that made me rethink all of the hype surrounding cloud ERP systems: “senior level decision makers are emotional...

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Mobile ERP Data Integration

5 Approaches to Your Mobile ERP Data Integration

Mobile ERP isn’t anything new. Enterprises have been integrating ERP capabilities with mobile devices for more than a decade. But, what’s...

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Sales Tax Nexus

Sales Tax Nexus Complexities in the Big Four (CA, FL, NY, and TX)

There are five states that don't have sales tax: New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and Delaware. Hint: an easy way to remember is...

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