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Job Costing and Quality Control with Real Time Data

Job Costing and Quality Control
Acumatica Lunch and Learn Kent Richeson

See how one easy to use manufacturing software can drive profitability and productivity!


Complimentary Webinar and Lunch Via GrubHub Presented by Acumatica Cloud ERP and Clients First

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021

Time:  12 PM CT / 11 AM PT

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Your manufacturing business has countless moving parts that change in real-time - especially if you are an MTO/ETO manufacturer. So how can QuickBooks, a legacy Sage product, or multiple spreadsheets provide truly accurate information for strategic decision making? They can’t, but Acumatica’s Manufacturing Cloud ERP can.

Imagine – real-time, anywhere access to every shop floor transaction and quality control check.  Check QC on raw materials as they are received and manufactured. No more over-producing, under-purchasing, making assumptions without facts, or manual tracking--Just accurate, real-time information for complete data accountability.


Bob Turner, Sales

Clients First Business Solutions,



Jessica Gadbois, Director, Partner Enablement  

Acumatica Cloud ERP


Ralph Kubek, Director of Sales & Services

eWorkplace Apps


We look forward to showing you what one easy to use solution with no per user license cost can do for your manufacturing business.  Register now!


“The CFBS (Clients First Business Solutions) team has been outstanding from the beginning. We originally reached out to CFBS for a comparative quote, but they were so impressive we ended choosing them as our partner. Partner is the best word to describe their style. They jumped in, learned our business, and helped us implement a solution that works for our business. We just completed our first month in Acumatica after using GP for nearly 20 years, and I am pleased to say it’s going great.”

Hilary Ehlen, Business Operations Manager


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