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Achieve Rapid ROI with Cloud ERP

Sep 8, 2021 1:33:56 PM / 0 Comments / in ERP Implementation, Accounting Software, Acumatica Cloud ERP, Acumatica Gold Certification, Acumatica Implementation, Cloud ERP upgrade, implementation success by Nancy Phillippi

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At Clients First, we aim to provide businesses with leading ERP software solutions and offer our clients and prospects ongoing educational content. We host webinars periodically as a courtesy to our clients. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date on what’s new in enterprise accounting software. Join us along with Derrick Elledge, Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder of Power Storage Solutions (PSS), to learn how Clients First helped PSS successfully implement the Acumatica cloud ERP solution with rapid ROI results.   

In this webinar, you will hear how Power Storage achieved significant and fast ROI by implementing the fastest growing cloud ERP solution Acumatica.

Complimentary Webinar

Date:  Thursday, September 16, 2021

Time:  12 PM CT / 1 PM ET

Lunch will be provided to you by GrubHub compliments of Acumatica and Clients First. It's our treat and we hope you ENJOY!! 



Derrick Elledge, VP of Operations at Power Storage Solutions will discuss how they: 

    • Transformed Operations and increased profitability

    • Reduced their Project feedback loop from 8 weeks to one, improving scheduling, quoting, and gross profits

    • Eliminated some $50,000 in waste a month from lost revenue, time, and information

    Case Study Highlights

    Executive Summary: Power Storage Solutions (PSS) was looking for a competitive edge to ensure the success of their company and customers. They learned from the past that trying to patch together many disparate best-of-breed solutions was the wrong direction. PSS selected Acumatica as their all-in-one solution and Clients First Business Solutions to help with the aggressive implementation and go-live schedule.

    Situation: Power Storage Solutions had 6-months to migrate from 5 different disconnected systems. It was crunch time to select, implement and go live on a new integrated solution. They turned to Clients First Business Solutions for their deep understanding and experience in their industry. 

    Aggressive go-live deadline - Interstate Battery gave PSS 6 months to move off the old systems used by Interstate Battery. PSS had to select and implement a new system in that time frame. PSS took 3 months to review ERP options.  PSS selected Clients First Business Solutions to implement Acumatica. The Clients First team was able to accomplish the full implementation within the 60-day cut-off deadline! 

    Lack of integration - The 5 best-of-breed systems were great on their own but did not integrate so they were more like worst-of-breed. PSS was tired of wasting time and talent that could be used for more productive activities. They were bleeding money trying to patch things together. 

    The Clients First Acumatica team of ERP consultants was a big reason Power Storage Solutions was up and running in 60 days on one integrated Acumatica cloud ERP system.

    ERP systems evaluated – Oracle, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics

    Even though you may be happy with your system, staying up-to-date on new product releases, and new add-on products can prove to be an effective tool for user adoption and best practices.

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    Our Clients First Business Solutions team has been in the business of ERP Implementation for decades. We've helped companies just like yours to get the job done. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’re here for you!

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