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Automate Production Scheduling in Dynamics Business Central with MxAPS

Automate Production Scheduling

Learn How to Get Started with MxAPS to Automate Production Scheduling

Insight Works' MxAPS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed for manufacturers to automate production scheduling and more. It's a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline and optimize their production scheduling and shop floor processes. MxAPS is a favorite for Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV customers who upgrade to Dynamics Business Central because it has the advanced features and a drag-and-drop user-friendly interface they expect. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to the Dynamics 365 Business Central world, this blog will walk you through using MxAPS to the fullest.

Top MxAPS Advanced Scheduling Features

MxAPS provides various tools to optimize your production schedule from advanced scheduling algorithms to drag-and-drop visual scheduling. This intuitive tool provides a clear overview of your production schedule, allowing you to visualize and understand the flow of tasks. The drag-and-drop functionality within MxAPS makes it easy to adjust the schedule on the go, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. Visit the Insight Works website for more details on MxAPS HERE

  • Visual Scheduling- Utilize MxAPS's visual scheduling features to get a clear overview of your production schedule. Drag-and-drop functionality may allow you to make adjustments to the schedule easily.
  • Optimization - One of the standout features of MxAPS is its optimization capabilities. By leveraging these capabilities, you can automatically generate an optimized production schedule based on various constraints and criteria. This saves time and ensures that your resources are utilized efficiently, improving productivity and profitability.
  • Scenario Planning - Scenario planning is another powerful feature offered by MxAPS. It allows you to evaluate different production scenarios and choose the one that best aligns with your business goals. This feature enables you to experiment with different variables, such as changing production volumes or adjusting lead times, to determine the most favorable outcome for your business.
  • Regular Monitoring - Regular monitoring and adjustment are crucial to maintaining an optimized production schedule. With MxAPS, you can enjoy real-time visibility into the production process, allowing you to identify any potential bottlenecks or issues. Making timely adjustments to the schedule ensures that your production stays on track and meets customer demands.


Tips to Get Started with MxAPS to Automate Production Scheduling

Work with Dynamics BC Partner - To help you harness the full potential of MxAPS, we recommend you involve your certified Microsoft Dynamics consultant for pricing, software selection and help with implementation. 

Set-Up - Take the time to customize MxAPS to match your specific production requirements. This crucial step involves configuring parameters related to production orders, work centers, resources, lead times, and other relevant factors. By tailoring MxAPS to your unique needs, you can generate precise and efficient production schedules. Don't hesitate to seek assistance from your certified Microsoft Dynamics BC partner to ensure a seamless setup process.

Data Import and Synch - Data import and synchronization are vital to keeping your production schedule up-to-date. Importing relevant data from Dynamics 365 Business Central into MxAPS, such as production orders, inventory levels, and resource availability, will ensure you have the information necessary for optimal scheduling. Establishing data synchronization between the two systems is essential for seamless information flow.

Training and Support - To ensure that your team maximizes the benefits of MxAPS, it's essential to provide adequate training. Insight Works offers comprehensive training resources to help your team use MxAPS effectively. Additionally, their support team is always available to assist with any issues or questions that may arise along the way.

Updates - It's crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and releases from Insight Works. Doing so allows you to take full advantage of new features, enhancements, and compatibility updates tailored to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest developments ensures that your production scheduling processes remain at the forefront of innovation and aligned with the industry's best practices.

Remember to consult with your certified Microsoft Dynamics partner and refer to the official documentation and support resources provided by Insight Works for the most accurate and detailed guidance on using MxAPS with Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Industry expertise and experience – Clients First consultants have direct experience in the industries we support.  The Clients First Texas office is known for its vertical expertise in manufacturing, job shops, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for aviation or heavy equipment organizations. We have customers in other industries, too, including make-to-order/engineering job shops, project manufacturing, field services, and wholesale distribution.

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