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Start and End with Acumatica

If you are a small to mid-sized company, please read this article!  I have been selling business software to manufacturers and distributors for 20 years.  If I am selling to the small to mid-sized companies, I often find that the reason they need new software is because they can't function well on their old legacy system. These systems can range from a custom database for operations and QuickBooks for accounting, or software that I have never even heard of.  The focus of the business has been on developing a customer base and ensuring plant equipment and inventory are top priorities.  They are talking to me because they are in pain due to the lack of the tools needed to effectively do business in today's world.  Why not start with a decent software solution before your huge growth cycle?  This really has not been possible until now with the development of cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica--a FULL featured business software that can be used on ANY device.  Please read on...

Can I Start and End with Acumatica?

Acumatica software, when paired with Clients First set-up services, is a solution designed for forward thinking businesses.  Therefore, Acumatica can typically be the first and final software solution your business will ever need. Every smart business owner always looks to the future and plans at least five years ahead of time. With IT solutions, planning five years ahead can be a big headache, but with Acumatica and Clients First, you won’t need to migrate to other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software when your business grows. When a company is in a growth period, it’s not always the best time to upgrade your software solution. This is all the more reason you should start with Acumatica and scale your road to growth as you add various functionalities when you need them.

Benefits of Starting with Acumatica

Here are the major benefits of skipping QuickBooks and going straight to Acumatica:

1. Flexibility through Progressive Business Growth

With Acumatica, you can choose to begin with the Foundation Package and move to the Expansion Package as your business needs increase. As the business grows even bigger, you can move to the Enterprise Package (for VERY large companies). If you’re looking to reduce your future risks, you can opt for the Acumatica Foundation solution and expand your capabilities into a full-featured ERP solution with no need to change the software.

2. Save Costs on Data Migration

Avoid losing your historical data or spending thousands of dollars to migrate data to another ERP system. It’s quite expensive to convert data. The resources you would spend extracting your old data, cleaning it up, mapping the data fields to the new system, and finally testing it to ensure it’s accurate can be overwhelming. Furthermore, since our focus is on the manufacturing industry, we know that converting and cleaning up bills of materials from a spreadsheet or old legacy system or database can be a nightmare.

3. Save on Staff Training

There is no need to spend lots of money training your staff on a new business software. Acumatica packages are plug-and-play.  Once the end-user is familiar with it, upgrading to a higher-level package or adding modules will be a breeze. However, if you have to change or add new lines of business, you will need some level of training for the new functionality. But, overall, you’ll save money, time, and minimize end-user errors if you choose to start with Acumatica and move with it through your growth and business transitions.

4. No Per-User License Requirement

One of the greatest benefits of the Acumatica Expansion package and Enterprise package is that you won’t have to pay any per-user license fees. Busy companies can have as many end-users as needed, accessing the data from their offices, homes, warehouses, hotels, or even remotely from the beach. You can then divert your resources and invest in more equipment and skilled staff, since any additional staff will not add any costs to the software solution. The cost can only increase if you choose to move to a larger resource package. If you want any area of the software available to the staff, such as CRM, Production, Shipping, and Inventory, that is no problem.  You can set them up as a user with the security needed and let them have access to the data that makes their jobs more productive!

5. No Server Hardware Investments or Maintenance 

As the business grows, larger resource packages will mean additional server space requirements. In other words, you’ll only pay for what you utilize. This ensures that your data moves faster without compromising  the efficiency of your software solution.  With that appreciation in mind, you can see how starting with Acumatica can save your business a lot of money, not to mention giving you the flexibility to advance your functionalities with no extra cost on software training or migration costs.


Acumatica is definitely the future of ERP, which is one of the reasons Clients First became a Partner. Our consulting and developer teams love it.  Give us a call or send us an email so we can discuss your business needs and determine if Acumatica is a good investment for your company.

Clients First is an expert at implementing Acumatica, Dynamics 365, and Dynamics AX. Contact our sales team today by calling 800.331.8382, or emailing Clients First implements and supports clients across the U.S.A. and in 11 countries. Our team of professionals is ready to help implement the best finance and operations solutions for manufacturers, distributors, project-based manufacturers, MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), and professional services.

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