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The Buzz in the Cloud: An Acumatica Review

Acumatica review
Leading companies are realizing that they need to adapt as we keep changing the way we store and share information and also recognize the value of Cloud ERP software to keep their business relevant and competitive. In this article we will be reviewing Acumatica, the fastest growing complete cloud ERP system. Acumatica is an all-in-one business management solution that’s known for having a "no user license fee" pricing model, solid financial applications (along with distribution, project accounting, CRM, and manufacturing suites), and robust customization options.




Small, mid-size, large businesses/enterprises, and freelancers


  • Multi-tenant, completely on the cloud
  • Hosted, single-tenant
  • On-premise
  • SaaS, hosted by Acumatica


  • Can switch between SaaS and on-premise
  • Works anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • No software maintenance required
  • Integrated ecommerce and traditional sales orders
  • Dashboards are customizable by users
  • Customized BI reports included
  • Advanced accounting features such as using multi-currency, consolidation ledgers
  • Advanced distribution features for inventory, sales, and purchasing
  • Advanced CRM features such as converting prospects into accounts with 1-click


Complete Cloud/SaaS ERP

  • No software installation needed
  • No capital investments in infrastructure
  • Fundamentally built for the cloud, but with on-premise servers available as desired
  • ERP can be fully managed in the cloud
  • Available anywhere, anytime, on any device

Some legacy platforms try to adapt to change with add-ons, stand-alone databases, or additional software to give their latest software the appearance of being cloud friendly. Acumatica, on the other hand, is a software that is authentically cloud-based, which is the platform of the future.

SaaS, more specifically, has been gaining popularity and demand. Acumatica wanted to find out why so they released an analyst report by Mint Jutras that found the top reasons businesses opted for SaaS. The reports found that:

“50% of those surveyed cited lower total cost of ownership (TCO), 47% also noted lower startup costs. 61% of those already running SaaS ERP said not having to hire IT staff was part of the appeal of SaaS. 42% of respondents included the reduced cost and effort of upgrades as an advantage to SaaS.”

Adaptable Solution

  • Immense functionality
  • Can be built according to needs
  • Easily extendable with complimentary solutions
  • Integrates existing hardware and standard third-party software
  • Each user can set their own preferences
  • Optional industry-specific extensions

This cloud-based platform was designed to provide maximum adaptability to your business management software. Acumatica easily integrates with CRM or data visualization and can be extended to include other solutions and applications beyond ERP.

Unifies Operations

  • Unlimited users with one fee
  • Global capabilities: multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency
  • Fully integrates all data with product suites
  • Also integrates with other software solutions through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that do not change with every release
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Information accessible to employees, vendors, partners, and customers
  • Unified to insure data accuracy (such as merging ERP and CRM in a single system)

Control productivity and maximize your resources by giving complete visibility to everyone, everywhere. Acumatica also integrates seamlessly with other software programs, so it only takes one software to manage your entire business.

“The ERP software uses a rich user interface (UI) and flexible on-page navigation that contributes to a positive user experience (UX). The dashboards are strong and the information reporting is far better than many other cloud ERP systems,” said Chuck Schaeffer about Acumatica’s user interface.

Accelerate business

  • Handles large accounts with high transactional volume with ease
  • Accessible — personalized dashboards and self-service BI (business intelligence) are standard at no additional charge
  • Auditable with an electronic record of transaction activity
  • Able to embed workflow processes such as “approvals” to be automatically routed
  • Improves efficiency by simplifying processes
  • Allows casual or infrequent users without having to buy additional user licenses
  • Enables secure access to the whole applications, or specific fields, based on the role of user

Acumatica was designed to accelerate business performance by automating workflows, allowing for more precise data collection, better financial analyses, and optimum forecasting that leads to better business decisions.

Case Studies:

AME Corporation

"Mid-sized manufacturer gains 400% productivity, creates powerful integrated system with Acumatica"



"Design company saves $80,000 a year, doubles productivity with Acumatica" Verified Review:

"Great Cloud ERP"

"We are using the software internally to replace our existing ERP. We are choosing the on-premise model so that we can more easily access the SQL data for reporting purposes. We will be using the core financials and project accounting for time and billing purposes. The interface is a snap to learn, and very customizable. Lots of great UI features like copying transactions, customizing the grid layout when entering data, and more. We were also easily able to import our master records using the built-in import tool. Using sub-accounts and the Analytical Report Manager (ARM) for financials is similar to the old FRx, but better, and also built into the platform.

Pros: Great user interface, easy to add custom fields, some unique features like Attributes, sub-accounts, non-inventory items, Branches good, detailed security model, choice of options of deployment, built-in reporting and report customizations, good drill-down features within the reporting

Cons: The custom report modification tool needs more polish to it. The built-in CRM system could be more robust, compared with a CRM-only system."



Acumatica is a Winner!

Acumatica has been singled out from its competitors as the editor's choice by PC Magazine as a leading software in its class.  Acumatica also won the 2016 CODiE Award for Best Supply Chain Management Solution.


Still have questions about Acumatica? Call our office at 800.331.8382, or email for answers that are tailored to your business' particular circumstances. Our sales team looks forward to learning about your business.


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