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Top 5 (or 10!) Benefits of Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

What makes sense for your business - Cloud ERP or On-Premise?  Global companies have decisions to make and planning to do for the future of their ERP and data.  Planning for future needs including IT support, changing technology, security,...

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ERP Solution

What ERP Solution Delivers the Most Value in Usability & Functionality?

  UPDATE JUNE 9, 2020: Acumatica and Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain were once again named leaders in ease of use and functionality. 

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Automate Church Management

Learn How to Automate Church Management at the Outcomes Conference 2019

Focus on your primary mission and let us help you automate church management! Join us in booth #502 at the Outcomes Conference 2019 to...

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ERP Decision

Proceeding Confidently When Making an ERP Decision

  At Clients First Business Solutions, we’ve been in this business long enough to understand that decision- makers and end-users alike are...

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value of the cloud

Two Hype-Free Guides to Understand the Value of the Cloud

  Over the past decade, the cloud has moved from a fringe deployment option designed for small and medium businesses to an enterprise-ready...

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Clients First Top 100 ERP VAR

Bob Scott’s anticipated Top 100 VAR list for 2018 has been released, and Clients First Business Solutions is on the list of the top Acumatica...

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How Much Do You Get Back from the Cloud

How Much Do You Get Back from the Cloud?

  The cloud is nothing new, but as the market matures for cloud applications, companies in traditional, conservative industries are jumping on...

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